Early morning planning.

Lessons of looking

During rehearsal the other day, I noticed something interesting about my violin. And…. through some festivus miracle, I didn’t get caught taking pictures during practice. It just goes to show that playing 2nd violin and NOT sitting right under the conductor’s nose, has it’s benefits.

On the one hand – I see a violin…

What the rest of the world sees...

And exhibit 2 – To me, it looks like a ski slope. Minus the skier, of course.

What I see...

It just goes to show – that there is always another way of looking at something. It’s a lesson that I try and remind myself daily.

In other news, physical therapy is coming along well. I’m doing my best to not trip and hurt my knee (again). OR make an idiot out of myself while walking on the treadmill. Yes – I said while walkingon the treadmill. Fortunately for my body, my physical therapists have figured out that I like to  be challenged, and now my 90 minute sessions are devoted to almost entirely strengthening my legs, balance, and stretching. Goody!

Look what I get to do!!

Throw in some electrical stimulation and the use of cruel tools shaped like a butter knife to break up scar tissue around my knee – and I’m toasted. I have the angry bruises on my IT band and around my knee to prove it.

I’m keeping my dreams of one day running again alive, though – and if it means I need to develop massive leg strength in order to support my joints and stave off the affects of arthritis, well – I’m willing to do so. Lupus may have won a small battle on my right knee, but I’m not giving in without a fight. That’s for fucking sure.

Other black and white issues?

Flight planning. The early morning kind. This was the happy sight that greeted me this morning – bruises around my right knee and all.

Early morning planning.

(And if you couldn’t tell – I’m having a little too much fun experimenting with wide angle splicing. N was a great sport, in spite of his massive work load).


2 thoughts on “Lessons of looking

  1. I thought “ski jump” when I saw the violin – even BEFORE I read what you wrote. I do live 2 miles from a 30m ski jump though… Everything looks like a ski jump.

    Hi to you and Nate from Lorrie, Greta and I.

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