Concert Weekend!

The symphony that I play violin for is performing this weekend. And while I’m usually pretty excited about performances, I’m slightly dreading this one. Granted – I’m GRATEFUL that I have the ability and am able to play.

However – when the score is 194 minutes (not including break), it equals a LONG night. Multiply that by three days – and I think I’ll be more toasted from this performance than I was from my swim last Friday.

I’m also hoping to not get called an “irresponsible section leader” by one of the three people in my section (never said I was leading a lot of people). Granted, the bowing changes have all been last minute, but in my defense – I’ve been trying to follow our concertmaster. At the end of the day, uniform bowing is SUPER – and I’ll do whatever the concertmaster is doing. I made that clear to my cohort – but he didn’t like my response.

Ugh. Oh well – you can’t please everyone.

And at the end of the day, I need to remind myself to be happy that I can play violin in the first place, find satisfaction with learning music, and being exposed to works that I wouldn’t normally play.

Including 194 minute behemoths. I’m just hoping to not bonk tonight like I did yesterday.

Don’t be surprised if, at 100 minutes into the performance – I pull out a PowerGel. You just never know.


One thought on “Concert Weekend!

  1. When you’re the leader, 3 people need to follow YOU. Too bad there was that 1 person – – but, you know, there’s one in every crowd. Pity him; sour grapes is what he’s playing. I can’t wait to talk with you about the concert!

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