Random Drukken (or something like it)

Today is just one of those days. It’s been a great weekend, don’t get me wrong. But stress of sorts and lots of activity can lead to flares and NOT feeling so great. I started feeling really crummy at a friend’s house last night – we were all sitting around the kitchen table, chatting, and having a great time – then WHAM! Face flush, ears turn painfully red… it’s like I had the life force sucked from my system. We left shortly thereafter – and I felt awful. I’m a good actor at times – but with lupus, it’s hard to disguise when I start to really feel sick.

And unfortunately, my sleep was not stress free. Last night I dreamed that my symphony had an excess of players, and needed to make a few cuts. Long story short (and in my dream – of course), I had about :30 to learn one of the parts in our current Shostakovitch Symphony – the one that sounds like it could be from an Indiana Jones movie – the part that I don’t know very well. My dream ended when the conductor asked me to pay, and I discovered that I couldn’t pull my bow across the strings. I just physically couldn’t make music.


My skyrocketing heart rate woke me up. Safe to say, I think I know which music I’ll be practicing for tomorrow’s full rehearsal.

So….this post is a few random pictures that I’ve taken within the last week or so. Well – except for the “Drukken” one…. that was at an air show a while back. But, I think it’s interesting – and the “Do Not Express” makes me laugh. Or at least pause for thought – on a day like today, anyway.

The Orchid is still alive - no thanks to me. Or Shitty Kitty.

"Do Not Express". Or at least that's what the Dutch - English google translator says. I found this stamped on a Dutch Airplane at the Yuma Airshow a while back. Is that really what is says? I'd like to think so.... And yes - the color of the plane realy IS that orange.

Sometimes it just gets fucking old - taking medication 3X per day. Every day. But it keeps me alive, so I should be grateful, right? Sometimes I struggle - with what should be a black and white issue.

Whine, anyone?

House Monster love is always the best (well, almost) - even when she looks at us like this.


6 thoughts on “Random Drukken (or something like it)

  1. Actually – the “Drukken” probably refers to not pressing on the aircraft wing. Do Not Press. They are very delicate, I’ve been told. But I still like the “express” version better. That being said – I’m not the one piloting the aircraft.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon and that today is a better day Marit! As always, I really, really enjoy your photos and am really thankful that you post them for us to see!

  3. Hi,
    Sorry to read you had such a horrible end to a pleasant day.
    I hope you are feeling better now.
    ps enjoy all you can

  4. I hope you are feeling better. drukken is Dutch for to press or to push. Don’t push or don’t press! We are all tempted to push, so that sign is an appropriate order.

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