May The Force be with you.

Violin meet Evil Action Figure. Evil Action Figure meet Violin.

It’s a concert weekend with my symphony, and as such – I’m SUPER excited! The Yank came to last night’s (free!) dress rehearsal/concert. Honestly, it was more dress rehearsal than concert, as we had some last minute touch up to do. But nonetheless, he still enjoyed listening, and commented that the Shostakovitch Symphony (the one that sounds like it could be from Indiana Jones) was his favorite.

Nightmares aside – I actually had a good time and didn’t mess up (too much).

Before Wednesday’s rehearsal, one of my friends and fellow (kick ass) 2nd violinists, handed me his nephew’s Action Figure! – and said he would be interested in seeing what sort of pictures I could take with my violin + Action Figure! Never one to back down from a challenge (who am I kidding?), I decided to spend a few quality minutes with my violin + Action Figure + camera.

Yes, upon retrospect, I wish the figure was Darth Vader himself – but as it is, I  think of Angelo’s Action Figure! as a pretty evil guy. Think John Williams and “The Imperial March.

Yes, that is quite possibly the best commercial ever. Hilarious. And I was thinking of it while taking a few pictures…. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “May The Force be with you.

  1. LOVE the pictures!! (I feel like I say this in every comment but it’s true!) The last one is my favorite – he looks like he is going skiing. 🙂

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