The Lunch Date (yes – more cat pictures)

Saturday before the concert, the Yank was at work all day and I figured I would have a quiet, uninterrupted  lunch on my own.

I was wrong.

Lunch? Yum. Feed me. No whiskers in the food, I promise.

I'm giving you a hint and looking at my red bowl. I'm waiting.


Don't try and distract me - I will not be distracted! I know what you are doing - it won't work.


Um....are you putting me on a diet? Does my butt look big??

Fine - don't feed me, I'll wait. I'm pretending to not care. Maybe I'll sleep. But I'll know what you're doing and when you're doing it - I have one eye slightly open.

...Really.... I'm not.... sleeping.


No food? Fine - talk to the paw. And I'm not really sleeping. But I'm not going to pose for any more of your pictures, unless you give me my treats.

I see you! I want your lunch! Are you going to feed me....




I'm not easily distracted. Fine. Ugh. Can I jump on you?


Here I come - look at my form and focus!


Okay - fine. Don't feed me, but I'm going to nudge the chair just because.


Are you giving her extra food that I don't know about? Not fair. What a cruel world. Don't look at me like that - I didn't take her kibble. Like I said before - it's all water weight.




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