The Gloom of June

June Gloom, Southern California weather event.

I dropped the Yank off at the squadron today. He’s gone for 2 and a half weeks for training elsewhere. The highlight of this, was driving his open air jeep home – as I hardly ever drive the thing. I can see why he loves it so much. Except for the fear of getting rained on….that dampens the enthusiasm just a little. The low part? Well… no one wants to be away from their Loved Ones, period. And knowing that this exercise is one of several before the entire squadron deploys (again) – well, there you go.

Whenever he’s deployed, I always have “milestones” of the deployment that I tick off in my head…..usually normal stuff – movie premiers (don’t judge – the last one I can think of was Harry Potter and then Twilight. See…I like Shit movies, just as much as Shit TV), any major (or minor) holiday, the 1st of ANY month is a given milestone, trips or races – stuff like that.

It’s weird – when people ask how I get through 7-months of deployment, my standard response is, “deployments are surprisingly like Ironman. If you think about – really conceptualize – racing for 140.6 miles, it seems absolutely impossible. BUT, if you break it down into small bits… swimming to the next buoy….getting through the next 5 miles of peddaling….running to the next aid station….and managing each crisis, to the best of your ability…. mile by mile ticks by and then voila – you’re finished.” Ironic – the lessons of Ironman still apply, even though I’m no longer racing.

Sometimes the short stuff, 2.5 weeks even, can feel worse, though. We know it’s in preparation for something much bigger….we know we’ll have to say good-bye to each other several more times…and for a 7-month deployment, 2.5 weeks is a drop in the bucket. Right now, it’s just a pain in the rear.

For now – pass the coffee. I’m definitely in the hunt for another cup.

In other news, I think I avoided major catastrophe with my lungs and sinuses, but I’m out of the woods yet. For some reason – allergies, stress, UV light from the auditorium I perform in??? – my lungs and sinus area has been bothering me, and my sore throat, stuffy nose, and hacking cough have made me quite certain that some sort of illness would occur. My Rheumatologist confirmed that I’m dealing with some sort of minor flare up, but my numbers aren’t completely off the chart. That being said – if this turns into pneumonia or even (another) sinus infection, I’ve been instructed to let him know.

OR…this could just be The Crud that’s going around and everyone seems to be plagued with. That’s the hard part about lupus – when I get sick, is it because of my illness, OR is it because I’m human and we ALL get sick from time-t0-time…? When you have the answer, let me know… I sure don’t.

In the meantime, I’ve been out of the pool and yesterday’s walk left me winded. But I still walked, so it still counts. Today I have physical therapy and if I’m feeling especially industrious, I may hop on the erg for some steady state. Hopefully tomorrow I can return to the pool. That’s the goal, anyway.

Long term goals – let’s face it, I’m a “goal-oriented” person – for when N. is away…. include lots of violin practice – for auditions and gigs -, eating my vegetables daily,  cleaning the house top to bottom (how do boys DO that? They are SO messy), venturing on a hike (without getting eaten), staying healthy, seeing my friends and working on my photography. And perhaps there will be time for Shit TV as well – without a doubt.

For now, that’s all I’ve got. Love it while you live it…. Hug your family tight and tell them you love them – everything else is just icing on the cake.



5 thoughts on “The Gloom of June

  1. Aye, Marit… it takes special people to live the military lifestyle. I love your outlook on this and in general. Wishing you a speedy recovery with the Ick, in all its forms 🙂

  2. Well I think there is some Harry Potter movie out this summer – want to go see that with me? 🙂 I always wonder when I get sick if it’s because of training or because normal people just get sick. Hang in there!! One day at a time – like you said…

  3. Hi Marit! Sorry you have June Gloom, we seem to be 100 or 50, so maybe you are better with the steady state of grey:) I havent seen too many new movies lately but i am with you on that one, nothing too deep! Oh but the Kings Speech, that was marvelous:) Gotta love Colin:)

  4. was thinking maybe of the kitties might like (NEED) to join you on a walk now and again?? 🙂 lord knows there is enought housewife TV to keep us occiupied for way to many hours. thinking of you!!!!

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