Double Trouble with Vivaldi ~

It’s been years, read – years – since I’ve performed in small ensemble settings, and after tonight’s performance – I remember how much I’ve missed it. Yes, playing in a symphony is awesome in its own right, but there’s something just WONDERFUL about playing music with other people who (clearly) enjoy it as much as I do. Very intimate and extremely real – and I think it’s pretty apparent that the three of us really loved playing together.

I was so honored to be asked to perform for the Suzuki Heritage Center’s tsunami relief benefit concert, and playing my violin was the least I could do. Susannah put on a brilliant concert and I really enjoyed listening to the other performances and seeing the young Suzuki violin students.Ah…. memories!

I’ve included a video clip of my group performing…. If you haven’t already figured out – I’m the blond one with the low cut dress who moves around a lot. Who knew that swimming long sets would come in handy for violin performance and right arm bowing action? I could probably enter a log sawing contest and win – wow. And on another bright note – thankfully no Wardrobe Malfunction – not this time anyway.

Angelo and Marrilyn – it was a pleasure! Thanks for making me laugh and letting me slide the last note…I knew five bars before the end that I was going to let ‘er rip. And we did!



4 thoughts on “Double Trouble with Vivaldi ~

  1. What a pleasure it is to hear you with Mr. Vivaldi’s piece of music. I love what the volin and bow can do in your hands. Bravo to Mr. Vivaldi, bravo to MCL!


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