Ever wonder?

I sometimes look at the House Monsters, and wonder what they’re thinking. The Yank would argue that they have no brain – therefore, they have no capacity for thought. I think he’s only partially kidding.

That being said – even without that brain thingy – it’s pretty clear that Shitty Kitty is loving life….. and the opportunity to spread fur all over the kitchen table:

The House Monster….well… that’s a different story. The Yank concedes that she has a brain – she’s just an “evil genius”. Clearly, she understands the world around her…. and the fact that I like to take pictures. Lots of them.

You again? Really. If you stick that camera in my face one more time, there will be consequences.

And finally, my folks are headed to Europe for a bit of travel and fun vacation time. And even though it’s not the *best* picture of them, this is by far my favorite. No, I can’t claim to have pulled the trigger – but I’ve always wondered what the person who did, was thinking. Case in point:

Clearly, my parents have an awesome sense of humor – as they were willing to share this shot with me.

The Yank is expected to get back later this week or perhaps early next week. I’ve bitten off a little more than I can chew, and now I’m working my rear end off to complete his anniversary present before he returns home. We celebrate 8 yeas (8 years!?!?!?) on June 30th. A lot hinges on my ability to draw _________________. If I told you, I would have to kill you.

…Not really – but I don’t want N finding out. But – I know it’s serious when I bust out the trigonometry, math, and architectural concepts (do you ever remember your lessons on perspective and 3D ? Um…. neither do it – but it would be really nice if I did) … neither of which I very much enjoyed, going through school. I’m hoping the end product turns out the way I want. I’m wondering about that, as I write.

But even if it doesn’t, I can just pretend that it was supposed to be the way it is – and everyone will be happy in the end. And by that time, I will hopefully have figured out how to draw _______________________ and paint __________________. For now….I’m shoving Shitty Kitty aside, spreading my supplies on the table and getting back to work.

Bon Voyage Mom and Dad – take tons of pictures, have lots of fun, don’t go swimming in the Med with sharks, and have a blast! We love you!


5 thoughts on “Ever wonder?

  1. I have to meet your parents sometime! Geesh I just need to go knock on the door and say ” wait let me cover your mouths so i can see if its you.” haha.

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