Aaron Lewis’s Angels

Putting the pieces together

I should start out by saying that I haven’t lost hope in ALL humanity. There are some very wonderful people “out there” that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. And some that I haven’t – like the Dali Lama. I’m sure he’s a very nice person with a good heart. So not everyone is bad – just recent experiences have left me feeling sad. Pretty normal.

One of my friends suggested that instead of photography, I try more painting and artwork – and weather it’s because I’m feeling sick or angry or sad or happy or high as a kite on the meds that I take – it will be a different form of expression. That’s something I can deal with.

And in other news – known to some, completely unknown to others – I have the biggest crush ever on Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of “Staind”. I think his voice is amazing, his lyrics actually mean something, I like the fact that he tries new things (solo, country, hard rock) instead of staying inside of the same proverbial box, well that’s pretty cool. He plays music (obviously to make a living), but doesn’t give a damn about what people think.

I like that.

Anyway – I found an unreleased version of the song “Angel”. During his acoustical “Have Guitar Will Travel” tours, Lewis plays a lot of covers, some music from Staind, but also a lot of stuff that he just never releases. The song – especially the second verse – has a lot of meaning, and I had to listen to it twice (or maybe more).

Slowly feeling better – not great….. but taking it one day at a time. And really that humanity thing – it’s only a few people that I can’t stand. Or vehemently hate. And that’s normal, right? Obviously – time for me to paint.

Or listen to more of Aaron Lewis


2 thoughts on “Aaron Lewis’s Angels

  1. Hi,
    I came by to see how you are doing, good to read you are feeling better.
    i hope you feel even better today and over the weeken.
    thinking of you.

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