Volcan Mountain

One of our favorite hikes (ever) – is Volcan Mountain. The Yank has always loved Alpine Meadows and I’m a sucker for any opportunity to hike with him. Screw the flare – sometimes I just want to be outside and participating, and Saturday I felt strong enough to make the 5-mile round trip to the summit overlook. The last time we hiked together was before my knee surgery and that *wonderful* discovery of arthritis. I tell you – love it while you live it, and make use of every opportunity…. Life is a gift and so are the people in it. Please please don’t ever take it or them for granted.

Volcan is breathtaking in it’s own special way – from windswept peaks, bright blue skies, a winding trail and golden fields of grass. Hard to remember that we’re still in Southern California. For the first time in a while, I actually felt inclined to take pictures – yes the colors are amazing. But today I’m in a black-and-white kind of mood.

No fancy camera or equipment…. just an iPhone and some photo editing. It’s a start.

Wavy Clouds

Peak road, from Sunshine Flats

At the top - with the BenchMark (courtesey of the US Geological and Geodetic Society). I love these things!

Looking towards Sunshine Flats and the Volcan ridge from near the peak.

Sunbeams followed us down (thankfully no zombies - sorry, can't resist PvsZ reference).

The Volcan Mountain Monster. I love graphic art - and wildlife warnings.


4 thoughts on “Volcan Mountain

  1. Seriously nice work on editing those iPhone pics! Looks like such a beautiful place, so glad you were able to get out and see it 🙂

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