4 Things I’m visualizing today

Some days you find yourself – just hanging out, waiting for the next wave.

Other days, you do your best to avoid the Maelstrom – and the tricky bit… Is that Maelstroms can occur unexpectedly and take many different forms. Woosh! And you find yourself sucked inexplicably under.

Today – yet again – I find myself in the doctor’s office. This sight is no longer a novelty – although the courage to wear skinny jeans is.

And at the end of the day, myself and my two feet (skinny jeans) included would much rather be here. Okay – maybe NOT the jeans. That would make hiking (slightly) uncomfortable.

Love while you live it, folks. And everything else is just icing.


2 thoughts on “4 Things I’m visualizing today

  1. Marit, when are you going to start touring as a motivational speaker? You could definitely make money doing it because you are always speaking to all of us with your words no matter how our life is at that moment. Loved this….

  2. hi,
    love your photos, especially the one you painted.
    ps i agree with melissa you would make a great motivational speaker.

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