Mind over Matter

There are some things in life I will never understand. We don’t necessarily question the good stuff, the happy times (but we are grateful!) – but the yucky times, the hard stuff – those are different. And some things, I will never understand. Life isn’t always easy and I’ll be honest that recently I’m not having a very fun time.

Plus, I’m taking a second round of steroids – as the first didn’t do their job effectively. So – I’m sure that I’m super fun to be around.

Saturday I had a new low. The Yank and I were at one of the local Four Wheel Parts stores, getting some piece of equipment or gear for his jeep. I love how he loves that thing – and there were a few parts he was looking at. We happened to park in front of a liquor store – and though I’ve never abused drugs or alcohol – I decided that I wanted a drink of something. It wasn’t even noon. Xanax just wasn’t going to cut it.

I think I will blame the Prednisone. Yes - that's it.

If you look closely – you’ll note the paper bag. Margarita #2 came at the public restroom of our local Red Cup FroYo place ninety minutes later. I guess setting two record lows in one day is pretty awesome. One day I will look back on this and laugh – realize that you can feel totally lost and powerless, blind to the Big Picture stuff – but that this tough shit will work itself out.

So, my one day bender wasn’t great. I was very thankful to some awesome friends for being so supportive – I feel very fortunate to have the people in my life that I do. And my liver – it is also amazing.

I decided that Sunday would be better, and instead of dwelling on the bad stuff (and public imbibery via paper bag and in froyo bathrooms ) – I was going to write a blog post about 10 awesome things. So… in no particular order (and with only a few photographs) – here are 10 GREAT things that I experienced yesterday.

1. The Leucadia and Encinitas Farmer’s Market – it is wonderful. And I tried something labeled “dessert” – can’t really call it a dessert – because it was free of the following: Sugar, Corn, Gluten, and something else I’m forgetting. And it was Organic. And Vegan. The Yank and I agreed that if it had peanut butter or chocolate or sugar, corn, gluten, and that something else – it would probably taste better. And could therefore be considered dessert.

2. I got to paint. The tea mug is for my brushes in use. Lots of color to choose from. There’s a skinny girl margarita on the table and cat treats in the bowl. Background music of Aaron Lewis, of course.

Broken Heart

3. House Monster and Shitty Kitty make great furry companions. And kept me warm when I finally fell asleep.

4. Wine tasting at Witch Creek Winery – free to members!

5. Sitting in Las Olas with N – our waitress brought out a flower to match my Margarita.

6. Most of the plants in our back patio area are still alive – festivus miracle!

7. I have the best friends in the world – I am so lucky. And I believe that there are truly GOOD people in the world.

8. Seeing this parked by the jeep made me stop.

If it's etched into cement - it must be true

9. Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth Commencement Speech. Hilarious at times – but the final bit is amazing. And gives me strength.

10. Driving the coastal highway with the Yank in an open air jeep – that makes me happy.

The road ahead is wide open - that's the amazing part in all of this.


4 thoughts on “Mind over Matter

  1. Beautiful marit; sometimes real lows are followed by real highs – though I know you deserve a much better “high” I love your 10 positive points – beautiful pictures by the way, you have a real eye for capturing the beauty in things; have a great week!

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