Escape to Lake Topaz and the High Sierras

Last week, I decided to escape the drudgery, some shit people (and, just general shit), and head to the mountains. I admit, after deciding that nothing could be as bad as the drain sharks of the world, I harbored grand ideas of backpacking the High Sierras.

Last year Yosemite NP provided the perfect backdrop for my own acceptance of my (then recent) lupus diagnosis. There is something magical about these mountains, and I always come away with a new perspective – even if I’m struggling.


There is also that safety (and NOT being reckless thingy) bit, and when I proposed my grand backpacking scheme to a friend, she suggested instead that I drive up and spend some time at her place (Lake Topaz, NV) and then hit Yosemite with her and her Other Half.

I gratefully – and excitedly -agreed.

So here I am. It’s been a few days. I’ve spent time with great friends, solo hiked, visited Lake Tahoe, and have taken tons of pictures. Today we leave for Yosemite – I can’t wait.

So for now, I just am. And that’s pretty much where I need to be. Thanks to everyone for your support.





Me and my Serendipity Panini. Fitting, very fitting.


One thought on “Escape to Lake Topaz and the High Sierras

  1. hi,
    thanks for your thought provoking post., i agree just being is good, thanks for reminding me.
    love your photos, you look great.

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