Eastern Sierras

Well, I came and went, had a great time with some fantastic friends, explored a new part of the country and managed to NOT be eaten by a bear. Or Mountain Lion. Although I did get dive bombed by one extremely territorial hummingbird.

My feeder my feeder my feeder!

Sometimes I feel trapped in my situation – either with my health, or ______________________ (choice word = fill in the blank) – and sometimes just getting away is the best possible solution. And a new place oftentimes provides different perspectives; and giving myself a “time out for ME” (even if only for 5 days) is a good way of dealing with the shitty parts of life that we all (in some way or another) have to deal with. No, I probably can’t always hop in the car and drive north for 8+ hours – that’s just not realistic. But when given the opportunity to explore the High Sierras, I will nearly always do so.

Additionally, taking pictures was a fun, and more often than not I found myself reaching for my camera. My drive home was 10+ hours, as I kept pulling over on US 395 to capture the Eastern Sierra Range. What can I say? I’m a sucker for mountains and clouds. Add a bit of black and white and it’s a fun combination.

September storms move through the High Sierras

Sierra Ridge

Ridgelines of Mt Whitney

Stormy Mt Whitney

High mountains and a brewery? Sounds like a definite win-win.

Looking North from Lone Pine, CA along the Eastern Sierra Range


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