Full Moon, Sierra Style

One of the really awesome parts about hanging out around the Eastern Sierras at the time I did – was the full moon that made an incredible appearance on my final night. Instead of finishing the horrid movie we were watching, Tristan suggested the two of us drive around Lake Topaz and find some great moon/night time sky shots. So…with no offense to “Emma” (wrong movie at the wrong time, with all due respect) – we set off in her car, my camera equipment in tow.

I don’t normally work with a tripod (and didn’t have one with me), but when one’s shutter remains open for seconds, rather than fractions of a second – holding VERY still (not breathing, laughing at the silly things that cross your mind, twitching and holding your pose…), and finding creative ways of balancing yourself and/or the camera against solid objects, becomes imperative. Some of my shots turned out to be total wibbly crap – but a few were actually okay. For my first night photo session, I was pretty happy.

And at the end of the day, I had a lot of fun trying something new. Wibbly crap shots and all.

Moonrise through hazy clouds

Moonrise over Wild Oat Mountain and the town of Lake Topaz

Lake Topaz, as seen from US 395

Obscured by clouds - sort of

Wet pavement around Lake Topaz, brought to you via afternoon thunderstorms and hail - Sierra style

The town of Lake Topaz, NV

On a very different note, the Yank and I are headed out this morning to one of our local pubs to watch our beloved Packers with a few other Cheeseheads. Yes, game-time officially starts at 10 am – BUT, any day that we get to spend together (and with our fellow Packer Backers) watching GB Football – is a GREAT day.


3 thoughts on “Full Moon, Sierra Style

  1. Hey cool! Night shots are hard, I rarely succeed. Love the Lake Topaz and moon behind the clouds shots – looks like you had a peaceful time out there 🙂

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