Wednesday date with the iPhone and Yank

Yesterday the Yank and I had the day off. His squadron was recovering from the previous night’s Dining Out ceremony, and no rehearsal (or practice) for me meant we could take a break together. And while we still enjoy dressing up and spending time with friends…

….It was still nice to spend the following day together. It’s been a rough road lately – my health combined with work stress on his end – sometimes we just need to take a step back and do what’s best for us and our relationship. It was a tough decision to miss the memorial service for our friend, and part of me wanted to be there, paying my respects, and supporting my friends. And part of me feels very badly about that.

But there has been a lot of sadness lately on my end – it’s affecting my health and my medication’s ability to work. I just couldn’t deal with yet another service. There are amazing elements to USMC Skid Squadrons, some of the best people and friends that I’ve ever met are affiliated with this MOS.

(Note: there are several douchebags as well. I can think of many. Drain Sharks -real ones – if you may. But that’s a different post all together.)

But we’ve also had our share of heartbreak. I’m tired of loosing friends, attending memorial services – of worrying for The Yank and my friends.

Instead, yesterday the two of us set out together for a fun date. N has never ridden The Coaster (shocker!) – the train that starts up in Oceanside (North County), and stops at various coastal towns, until it terminates in downtown San Diego. It’s a fun trip and I’ve taken it several times with my folks or friends – but never with N. Solana Beach was our final destination – And of course, I couldn’t resist the temptation for pictures. Here are a few from our adventure.

20110929-102414.jpgTrain Station

20110929-102535.jpgFun with Train Tracks

20110929-102826.jpgSolana Beach VW. Suzie!

20110929-103128.jpgMaking friends along the way. I think this is some type of doggie abuse, but everyone seemed to love the costume. Except the dog, that is.

20110929-103335.jpgFuture trip planning….

20110929-103817.jpgPost lunch beer at Pizza Port Solana Beach. I think it was some blonde, Belgian style ale thingy. It was good!

20110929-104023.jpgBeer sipping. His double IPA, my Belgian Blonde.

20110929-104211.jpgDouble IPA + Riding the Coaster home = smart.

20110929-104414.jpgBeautiful coastal marshes. Not having an ocean view wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – we got to see stuff that we don’t normally see…

20110929-104630.jpg…Like other Coasters.

Still trying to figure out how to work the phone posts…. My pictures are all different sizes and not centered. But it’s not that big of a deal. I will probably always be a little technically challenged. Oh well.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday date with the iPhone and Yank

  1. Ha, love the dog picture and the train tracks! Glad you guys could step back and enjoy each other away from sadness. i truly hope things improve for you soon, love your photography habit 🙂

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