Red Tide and Glowing Waves – C-bad style

Recently, Southern California has experienced a Red Tide, a phenomenon also known as an algal bloom – an event in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly within water columns and results in the discoloration of surface water. (Thank you Wikipedia). During the daylight hours, our ocean has appeared murky and red. Slightly foreboding (if you ask me) – and most definitely teeming with sharks.

Okay, maybe the shark thing is a bit of a stretch.

Night time is a completely different story – and I had to see the glowing, effervescent waves myself. Camera in tow, of course.

Sorry about the blurry factor. I’m still playing around with the night time stuff, exposure, and shutter speed. Auto focus was out of the question – it was too dark. And keeping the camera perfectly still for 4-10 seconds was challenging, but prompted some creative solutions. And then – unlike my moon pictures, the waves didn’t just stop, and between shots I enjoyed watching the glowing tide rolling in. Watching an older gentleman standing at the water’s edge, perfectly still and just taking in the natural wonder, was one of my favorite moments – and shots.

Even though I love taking pictures, sometimes I have to remind myself to put the camera down, and just take everything in. Last night I certainly did.

The Old Man and The Sea

Originally this was a mistake, meant to be the Carlsbad Power Plant. But I love how it turned out - The Illusion of Power. And really, it's a reminder that even what we percieve as a mistake, or something gone wrong - it can actually turn out unexpectedly right.

Oceanside Pier, 4 miles up the coast, while people gather along the shoreline.

Totally blurry - but the blue streak is actually a happy (and glowing!) puppy, running out of the surf.

Some waves would glow, while others didn't.

As the night progressed, the waves got brighter - but harder to capture.

Somehow, everything just seems right when I look at this. Happy watching the water.


5 thoughts on “Red Tide and Glowing Waves – C-bad style

  1. hi,
    i really enjoyed looking at the sea, your photo took me away to the beach
    love the oldd man and the sea and oceanside pier.
    like a pier at the seaside.
    thanks for sharing.

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