Northern CA trip (mostly photos).

Our “Let’s blow this Turkey Joint and get out of town”/Post-deployment/Pre-deployment/whatever-the-heck-it-is leave trip ended last week. The Yank and I spent 8 days exploring California’s Coastal Highway in our (mostly) open-air jeep and Northern CA’s quaint Russian River Valley/Santa Rosa. It was brilliant – one of the best trips ever, and we both enjoyed ourselves and our together time tremendously. It’s been a long long LONG time since we had a vacation together – this one was even more special, because we have a lot to be thankful for.

I was meaning to post a few pictures, but Tuesday of this last week – at 11:45 pm – this was my unfortunate view:

Trying to distract myself between bouts of nausea. Fun!

An intolerance to a new medication left me sick for hours. After the third round of dry heaves, I had had enough. I couldn’t stop throwing up, even though it was CLEAR that nothing remained in my system. So N took me to the ER. The shot of Benadryl +anti-nausea medication helped, but it took a bit longer to recover.

God, I hate lupus – and its fucking complications.

Long story short, I’ve been meaning to write OR post some pictures, but up until this moment, just haven’t felt like doing so. But this morning – before heading out to watch the Packers – I did. Nothing special or earth shattering…just a few pictures from a great trip. Enjoy!

Farewell SoCal, helloooo Open Road! And waterproof gear!

Sunrise at Pismo Beach, behind the sand dunes (unedited photo)

Bixby Bridge, US 1

Flying sea turtle, Monteray Bay Aquarium

Evidentally, the Point Sur Lighthous People take security very seriously.

"...Okay....a litlle to the left!" Armstrong Woods.

Basement of Korbel Champagne Cellars, surrounded by giant Oak Casks.

Russian River Brewing Co. N's favorite was Pliny the Elder IPA (different board). I love the Belgian stuff - especially the names. Who wouldn't want a "Defenestration Ale" shirt? Kudos for creativity, and making GREAT beer!

Olivet Road Vineyards, Russian River Valley.

Redwood Forest clovers are massive as well.

Making friends. I think he's watching me, watch him....Which begs the question - who's really IN the aquarium?

Making friends with the horses, San Simeon, CA

Usually I try to limit my pictures, sometimes photos are more interesting when there are fewer of them. But all of the pictures above mean something to me – and aren’t exactly run-of-the-mill. Anyway…. Keeping my fingers crossed that my new medication works the way we want it to, AND that the Packers have a great game. And above all – hug your family and tell your friends you love them….It’s all about that icing.


6 thoughts on “Northern CA trip (mostly photos).

  1. Excellent pictures as always! But I’m sorry to hear that you were so nauseated; good luck with your new med. BTW I had to look up defenestration–it could be my new favorite word. I just need to find the right moment to use it 😉

    • Hey Amber! Yeah….. Defenestration is pretty awesome. Unless you’re the one being pushed/falling out the window. Very popular throughout Czech history – so…… One could say that Jan Massaryk was defenestrated at the Prague Castle in 1948, on the eve of Czechoslovak communist takeover. Or something like that…., 🙂

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