Little things I see

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed a few slogans or images that – at first glance – seemed pretty normal. But with a tad more introspection + creative eye + courage to ask a total stranger to take a picture of the back of his shirt (in one case) – well, these are the results. Everything was taken with my camera phone, with the exception of the Success image. That gem came courtesy of Facebook.

Carlsbad sidewalk art

Amazing what Facebook can teach us.

Because creativity is obviously Made in China

Given the choice between Bobcat, Bear, Rattlesnake, Fox, Mountain Lion and Wild Pig.... I'm still more afraid of those Drain Sharks.

Not the kind of Drain Shark I fear. My DS have two legs, breathe oxygen, and you never know what they'll do next. They represent the worst in humanity as they serve their own selfish needs first. End rant.

I've always liked Plato.

Because the world clearly needs More Cow Bells. 🙂

This made me laugh...and the gentleman wearing this shirt was amused at my photo request.

I guess this is why I love my camera phone…and people with quirky senses of humor.


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