6 Backburner Images

I’ve got a few things simmering on the back-burner of my brain, so this post will be a bit random. But hopefully what I lack in words (read: thought), I can make up with stunning visuals. Or something like it.

1) Concert weekend coming up! The La Jolla Symphony has a FREE dress rehearsal Friday, 7 pm at Mandeville Auditorium on the campus of UCSD, and then Saturday 7:30 pm and Sunday 2:30 pm performance (same spot!). Dare I say it – but Stravinsky is beginning to grow on me.

Watching the LJSO Wind Section - it struck me that there's a lot of hot air up there. My sincere apologies.

2) I was very impressed that the Yank didn’t set fire to anything outside the fire ring last weekend in Anza Borrego. I guess my yelling in fear that he’s going to burn down Blair Valley our conversations about fire safety and responsibility are finally paying off.

Always keep open flame far away from desert plants.

3) I was equally impressed that we didn’t get eaten by Mountain Lions in the middle of the night while taking pictures of the Orionids Meteor Shower. Well… it would have been just me, as I was stumbling around in the pitch black at 2 am, headlamp, iPhone, camera gear, and bear spray in tow. Luckily I made it to morning, and this was my view:

Looking across Blair Valley to the Sawtooth and Laguna Mountains

4) I am REALLY enjoying football season with N and our Packer friends, Agnes and Andy. My favorite Sundays have been with the four of us (usually drinking at a local dive) – watching the game. Nothing like an IPA at 10 am. Or hanging out with fellow Wisconsinites. Or watching Detroit loose. Er…something like that.

Yes.... urfing is okay. We live in SoCal. And the call stood.

5) Exciting stuff happening for N career-wise. Though I completely disagree (read: How the fuck did this just happen?) with the way things were done and strings were pulled (Think “The Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov) – I also realize that there are some awesome people out there too. The nice people – they didn’t have to help or do the things they did, but they did. And that’s where I’ll put my stock in. Whereas the “I can’t say what I’m really thinking of them, but there are A LOT of choice words and phrases I have for them and their cronies” – whereas the Drain Sharks of the world….good luck – I hope the choices you’ve made turn out the way you expected. I can look at myself in the mirror – I hope you can too. And there are things that N has done (and will do) that you can only dream of. But…that’s life AND politics combined…things can’t always be the way they were. Change is constant – and even though we ride the roller-coaster of emotions that accompany it, at the end of the day we make our own choices about dealing with the hands that are dealt, and then move forward. Shit people and all.

Gunfighters 2010 "DEALER". DL54:WWNF

6) And finally – I always get excited about the little things…. because the little things add up and equate to big things. I’m looking ahead, and I see some pretty big and awesome things on our horizon – starting with this weekend, and then??? The sky’s the limit, as far as I’m concerned – and I can’t help but be excited.

Look! I see good times ahead! And a grey whale! But more good times!


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