Celebratory (and cake!) Week!

It’s another big week in our household – my Dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!)  combined with the USMC’s 236th birthday, Blacklist (the Yank’s new unit) check-in, Veteran’s Day, and the Blacklist birthday ball (did you get all that?) = lots and lots (and LOTS) of celebration. And cake. I hope I can keep up.

In other news, even though my epic flare of 2011 is over (hooray!), my body decided to rebel and catch a cold (boo!). I’m hoping its only a 48 or 72 hour thing, but just to be safe, I’m eating plenty of Coconut Popsicles and drinking my OJ. The goal is to not have a Nyquil buzz for Wednesday’s Blacklist Ball. Yesterday it was in my throat and today it’s settled in the top of my chest, and tomorrow ???? Tonight’s rehearsal should be interesting, to say the least, and I think it’s totally appropriate that (among other things), we’re playing “Grind to a Halt” by David Lang.

The title speaks for itself.

And finally, a few pictures of N getting ready to check in to his new unit, and one or two more military themed shots (with a camera, I just can’t help myself – fitting, though!). Checking into a new place, is sort of like the first day of school – except with spiffy uniforms, polished shoes, and official orders. I know he’s excited, and I’m really happy that through a pretty surreal and amazing turn of events, he ended up where he did – Blacklisted. And combine that with a Packers win yesterday, my photography work beginning to take form, and lots of cake this week, well – life feels pretty darned good.

Now please pass another popsicle my way.

Backpack at the ready

Last minute uniform prep - he was a good sport. And looked great!

The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor


3 thoughts on “Celebratory (and cake!) Week!

  1. I hope this means you are starting your own photo business!!! How exciting!! N looks SHARP in that uniform if I do say so myself! Enjoy all that cake – YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! 🙂

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