The Power of the Bear

Sharks, Mountain Lions, Bears, Monsters under the bed….getting eaten and dying a grisly death…. All things I’m, um, slightly afraid of. Aware of, is more like it. I know that they’re there, even if I can’t see them. The outside stuff is understandable; anytime we choose to head out, we are in their territory.

Case in point – with Mr. Mountain Lion somewhere up in Northern CA. The print is a little hard to see, but we figured it’s one paw was as big as my hand. The Yank tried to say that the prints belonged to a dog – a very large one at that. But I knew better – and so did he, he confessed after the hike.

Monsters under the bed, are tricky as well. Midnight bathroom forays end with a sprint, jump, and a flying leap back onto the bed. N isn’t a fan, especially when I land on him. It’s never deliberate – sometimes I miss my mark. What else can one expect at 2 am?

My Mom sent me this picture, and it made me smile. Now, if a Teddy bear could only protect me from those big cats – House Monsters not included.



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