Holy Cow!!

….is it December already?!? Seriously! Where has the time gone? Things were zipping along just before and then BAM! Thanksgiving…..

….And suddenly I find myself here. Wow.

The good news – most of the holiday shopping is done, although I made a deal with N : I would take care of everyone except his Secret Santa for his family’s Christmas draw. He agreed, but I’m sure we’ll see some fireworks around Dec 22, when he realizes that he’ll have to pay more for shipping than the actual gift itself. I’m prepared for this – or at least preparing.

Things have picked up in a very positive way (EVERYONE GO KNOCK ON WOOD!) – in the sense that my health is cooperating (yea!!), I’m having fun with violin and the symphony, the Yank is NOT deployed, I’m grateful for awesome friends, and I’m VERY excited about heading to MN for the holidays.

You betcha!

Other things I’m enjoying this holiday season include (but are not limited to):

– Watching the moon during early morning swimming.

– (and on that note) Hot showers after running from the pool across the 38 degree deck to the locker room.

-Seeing people put extra money in the Salvation Army red bucket.

-Twinkling lights that make holiday ambiance warm and cheery.

– Peanut Butter Santa. ’nuff said.

– Being an Aunt for the second time : Welcome to the world Grant Liam!

– My Camera, and having the opportunity to tell a story with the images I take.

– Great friends – I know I already mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating.

– N – even though it’s not always easy, and he does things that make me shake my head (hello…. Secret Santa gift) he really is a great guy. And I love him!

A few things I’m wishing for:

– Health and happiness.
– MacBook Pro.
– Packers Superbowl victory. I think this ties in with #1.

Hope that everyone has a GREAT day!

Fun times with wedding videography – from behind the lens.

The House Monster says hi. (Pucture taken by….. N!) But edited by Yours Truly.

And finally – enjoying the Packers on Thanksgiving. Good times!


5 thoughts on “Holy Cow!!

  1. Yay for better times and a fine ending to a tough year – I hope you and N have a wonderful Christmas Marit – and that 2012 gets better and better – and enjoy being a second time aunt!!

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