Don’t know what to title this post – so I won’t. Clearly – a case of the Mondays. Rainy Mondays. Bah!

I’m always amazed at how horribly San Diegans handle a little rain. Seriously. It’s raining – most of the world deals with this – it’s not like we’re facing a typhoon, famine, or, god forbid, something serious like snow. Time won’t stand still, the week will march on, and through some way or another, we’ll figure out a way to deal. It just makes me laugh… but if this is the worst that people in this area are dealing with on a Monday morning, then life really isn’t all that bad.

On a happier note – I got my stitches out! My puncture wound looks MUCH better, and I’m hoping to jump back in the pool sometime next week… after my bronchitis or whatever-the-hell-this-was clears up. Round 2 of antibiotics seems to be helping, and the Yank and I are going to attempt a nice hike this weekend. And in other news, I’m wa-a-ay behind on my violin practice for tonight’s rehearsal (double shit), so hopefully I’ll be able to flub my way through the tough passages. Can I blame my stitches? The bronchitis?? No – I’ll just blame the rain. Like everybody else in America’s Finest City.

And finally, for the first time in….(gulp!) 6 years – I’m going back to school. Nothing super serious… but I’m taking two different photography and digital arts classes. Everything that I do, digital photography-wise, is self-taught. I take a LOT of pictures, experiment a bunch, research, read even more, and am constantly trying to figure out how to do _________… some turn out awesome, others are crap (interesting crap!). But there’s LOTS more that I want to learn how to do that I just don’t know…. I guess I have the vision and the ideas in the back of my head… putting it into practice is another thing all together. So this is very exciting for me, and even though I’ll probably be the oldest person in my class by a decade, it doesn’t matter. Can’t wait!

Rain or not, I’m beginning to feel like things are coming together. And that’s a GREAT feeling.


3 thoughts on “Don’t know what to title this post – so I won’t. Clearly – a case of the Mondays. Rainy Mondays. Bah!

  1. HA! Born and raised as you were in Minnesota, I cannot imagine some rainy days only in January, you know? YOU know the alternative, I think that is why you think people are crazy out there. :)) Not crazy, just not used to midwestern winters. GLAD you got your stitches out!!!! Love the pics, as always!

  2. YEAH for school!!! How fun is that?! You are already so good at what you do – can’t imagine it getting even better! 🙂 Enjoy your lack of stiches…and rain! 🙂

  3. Love the pictures! Next time in town we need to sit down and go through shots. I have a ton of shots of flowers (yes… ME). I’m going to put out a calendar and try and get it published locally. I’m a photo geek and so is Lorrie.

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