All recovered, and then some!

Lately, there’s been a lot of this:

Violin - meet the world. World - meet my violin

and that:

ART 247 workspace...lots of buttons that I don't know how to use.

which subsequently means that this one especially –

Blur = movement.

– is feeling neglected.

Oh well.

That being said… both M and I have recovered from our food poisoning bouts, and are all ready to try another place. It’s still in the works. We’re getting cupcakes tomorrow, which seems reasonably safe, but as I’ve already visited Elizabethan Desserts (on numerous occasions, ahem), it doesn’t count on our official Foodie Tour. But hooray for NOT getting food poisoning anymore (knock on wood!).

Changing subjects…I’m really enjoying my classes, even if I’m terrified about the amount of work in Photoshop. Yes, I realize that water + mucho $$$$ computer = POTENTIAL EPIC FAIL. So, from now on, my beverage container will remain on the floor and away from my workspace. It’s actually really interesting to be back in school, part-time. Things are very different from when I was in college – which just goes to show how old I’m feeling. Most amusing include cell phone use in class (texting, fb use, web browsing, etc) and the clothes that kids wear (did I EVER wear stuff like that?!?). Yep, clearly I’m hitting my prudish stride in my 30s. But in all actuality, I’m enjoying the studying and creative process, and really look forward to developing my skill sets and photographic eye.

Symphony stuff with the LJSO is great, and we’re getting ready for our next big concert series – “The Populist” – Feb 10-12 at Mandeville Auditorium, UCSD. Rehearsal is going well, although I need to a) practice on my own a bit more b) mentally prepare to play Verdi’s Overture to La Forza del Destino at the conductor’s (FAST!) tempo and not my own c) Not lead the 2nd violin section two bars early, toward the end of Adam’s The Wound Dresser. 

Pretending that I wasn’t the one who jumped the gun was impossible as I’m RIGHT under the conductor’s nose, especially when he stopped our rehearsal and inquired about the 2nd violin (mis)entry. Whoops! I took the blame entirely,’fessed up,  and made a GIANT NOTE in my part. Better in rehearsal than in the concert.

And finally, my health seems to be g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y coming around. I went for a 20-minute run yesterday (painful!) and am hoping to swim 2X this week. Seriously, the bronchitis crud is awful, and I’ve got another newfound respect for my lungs (when they work).

Over the weekend, the Yank and I went for a long hike along the Palomar Mountain Range, just east of Temecula, CA. Agua Tibia was the goal, and summiting the peak was a great experience, in spite of massive scrub brush, buckthorn (fuckthorn), and manzanita growth. The ducked trail off the Palomar Divide was easy enough to find, even though we ended up crawling on our hands and knees over and under the brush. Hello ticks! For once I wasn’t afraid of mountain lions (even though we saw a massive print earlier), as no mountain lion in their right mind would be caught in the bramble and massive trail overgrowth. Clearly, there’s a reason why so few people visit the peak each year (less than 10 groups last year) – and it’s NOT due to the local mountain lion population.

over under over under - and the scratches to prove it

Hello Big Kitteh!

I LOVE these things!

...a man and his pinecone...

And with that, I’m out. Hope that everyone is having a GREAT day, avoiding mountain lions and buckthorn (fuckthorn!), doing things you love with the people you love and all that other good stuff. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “All recovered, and then some!

  1. you know my dad walks around at our cabin up north and looks for buckthorn. He wears these gloves and he just pulls it up and keeps on going looking for more. Maybe i need to send him out ( actually they may hit the LJBTC around Easter) but i think you could put him to work:)

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