Happy V-Day + the big 3-1

Hello 31!! Another birthday…. and I MADE it!


In all seriousness, after surviving my PE/DVT, being diagnosed with lupus, and N’s 2010 Afghanistan deployment – my life has taken a very different path from anything I could have ever expected. Maybe it’s just me, or perhaps as we grow in years we reminisce. I can’t help but feel a bit introspective today, thinking about my life, experiences, the many people I’ve had the fortune to meet, countless friends, family, House Monsters, and the love of my life – N.

I feel so fortunate, in spite of some pretty difficult times – I’ve learned the most about life through these tribulations. I’m just discovering what truly matters…that so much of what we think is important – isn’t. There’s so much fluff out there, and at the end of the day – it’s our friends and family… the people we love, our relationships with others and ourselves, our humanity – that’s what counts. Everything else – just filler.

Wanted to say thank you to my friends and family – you know who you are. I’m so lucky, SO LUCKY, to have so many special people in my life…. too many to list (and besides, that would be boring). Wish I had thought of using my (mad – insert snicker *here*) Photoshop skilz to make a giant montage of pictures – but as I’m frantically trying to finish my first project (due Thursday- aack), that will have to wait. In the meantime…. Thanks to my friends and family – you guys make me, me. And I love ya for it! Happy Valentine’s Day! Just wanted to share some of my favorites…just a few – couldn’t find all the ones I wanted. Enjoy!

Love it while you live it!

Some of the best friends - ever.

There's a House Monster in there somewhere

Best stand partner - ever!

I love my parents!

Happy Shitty Kitty

Underwater fun!

Awesome family

Posing for the New Yorker. Not really - but it was fun!

M - foodie tour cohort and fellow "Housewives" fan. Girl after my own heart!

The Yank and Dad - and I love them both!

H, J, and K - one of my favorite families!

Some of the best friends EVER!

The Sister and Bro-in-Law. Love them!


THANKS for all the birthday wishes and love – I am thankful for so much. Hope that everyone has a wonderful day – and don’t forget to EAT THE ICING!


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