I should…

…probably be asleep, as it’s 12:09 am and an early departure for Death Valley, CA (and earlier wake-up call) is in order. I figure if I can get 1 sleep cycle’s worth of rest, I’ll nap in the jeep while the Yank drives. Besides, I think it’s better that way – I don’t fear for my life in my sleep and he doesn’t hear my four letter expletives or see me stomping on the “imaginary” passenger-side brake.

Yes, we make a lovely couple, don’t we? 

I’m VERY excited about the upcoming long weekend, as I’ve never been to Death Valley…. but CA is an amazing state and while we’re living out here, I want to explore as much as possible. Our camping buddies – H, J, and K – are joining us, and I’m looking forward to an exciting long weekend. Among other things, we’re planning on visiting the Ubehebe Crater (because who doesn’t love to say “Ubehebe”?) and possibly climbing to the top of Ubehebe Peak (because who wouldn’t want to find a USGS Ubehebe marker?), checking out The Racetrack (where rocks mysteriously move under their own power), a few ghost towns and landmarks, natural waterfalls, Badwater basin and the lowest point in the United States (-282 feet, I think…. perhaps another USGS marker??), and going hiking (of course!). We’re hoping that Telescope Peak (the highest point in Death Valley at just over 11,000+ feet) is clear and safe to climb without winter gear (crampons or microspikes + ice ax)…. it’s been a dry and warm year – one can only hope. Otherwise, Wildrose Peak (along the same chain) looks fantastic. Plus…. the Wildrose marker…. what’s not to love?

And in other news – I completed my first major Photoshop project…. I definitely have a lot to learn/work on – but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’d like to figure out how to use the (millions!) of tools at my disposal…. so constantly turning to the lasso + eraser is NOT going to cut it. Grades come out next week (yikes!) – and not that it matters…. but I still want to do well. Call it a quirk. We’ve already been given our second major Project assignment, and I’m already scheming….

So with that – I should probably get to bed. At this rate I’ll complete one sleep cycle exactly – yikes! Regardless, N will enjoy the silence in the car for the first few hours until we get through Riverside. Once we hit the San Bernardino’s, I’ll be up and at ’em.

Thank you again to everyone for the kind birthday wishes – it was a GREAT day and I loved the opportunity to celebrate it. Pizza port with N was awesome – the perfect way to end a happy day. PLUS, yellow cupcakes + chocolate frosting = I should turn 31 more often.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oceanside Harbor - near the start of Oceanside 70.3 in a little over a month. Memories!

Part of Photoshop Project - because the End of the World is clearly brought about by Huey Pilots

A common sight in SoCal - Surfers running towards the beach.



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