How long has it been…?


Given how I left things with my last post, I probably should have updated my blog earlier. I’m not always a fan of the cliff-hanger-type endings….not updating for three weeks after superficial clots were discovered = bad bad bad. Many apologies!

I think I left things on a pretty grim note. Luckily my parents and the Yank helped tremendously… along with plenty of wine, cookie dough, and very supportive friends. THANK YOU! I am feeling better!

They did a great job hiking the Palm Canyon Trail - I was impressed! Plus, who doesn't love a desert oasis?

As for WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED TO MY LEG…? We’re still waiting for answers. Obviously some sort of trauma caused the clots + swelling. My Coumadin dosage has been adjusted, and my new goal PT/INR is in the 2.5 – 3.5 range (instead of between 2.0 – 3.0). I went on antibiotics for 10+ days, on the off chance that an infection was causing the swelling (pretty please…easy fix!)…. no dice. The X-Ray revealed great bone structure and nothing broken. So an MRI is scheduled for next week and hopefully that will give us some answers.  There’s a million different scenarios…. between the agave stab affecting my lymphatic system, to tendonitis. If you think about it – it’s actually pretty fascinating (and my doctor agrees)…. I just wish it weren’t me.

The irrigation was the worst part. Stitches... meh.

Ah – but that’s what everyone says, when they’re dealing with shit.

The truth of the matter is this: I’ve got Lupus, an inflammatory autoimmune disorder where the body attacks itself (goody!). And through my natural klutziness, I always seem to take it in my right leg… blood clots, knee surgery, bumps, bruises, and my favorite – the agave stab.

Here's a hint: avoid falling on these things, if possible.

I’m really hoping that what’s happening isn’t permanent. I’ve been given the green light to work out (YEA!), as physical activity promotes circulation and for a glorious hour (or two), I can run or go to the gym (read: stand upright) sans compression socks. The one sock look, which I sported last week, was *awesome*…. I figured if I wore my pink sock, I wouldn’t be mistaken for a gang member.

It was hot. H.O.T.

The upside? IF this is a permanent and compression socks are 100% necessary 100% of the time (except for when I’m sleeping or running/working out), I’m going to buy the cutest shoes and boots that I can find. And lots of them. Flip flops – a wardrobe staple until four weeks ago – won’t really work. But –  oh, say….cowboy boots will. I’ve already set up a boot shopping date with M on the 16th. I can’t wait!

And who doesn’t love cowboy boots with a cute dress?

In other news, classes are going GREAT, and I’m loving the challenges of Photoshop and Photography assignments. I keep thinking I’ve got an assignment completed, and then I figure out another way of enhancing or adding on… and BAM! I love it. I’ve decided to pursue a certificate in Photography, and I’m already looking forward to signing up for future courses. Yes, my schedule is uber busy and I’ve really missed seeing my friends…. but I feel very certain that I’m taking the path that’s best suited for me. And with a recent scholarship grant, my schooling is all paid for (hooray!)

"My Life with Lupus" - my Photoshop Cubist-style Project 3. Hard image to look at, but it's how I feel. The outside world sees the polaroid - but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. And, in many ways, it doesn't need to ONLY apply to lupus... but anything crappy/difficult/painful/etc. We've all got something lurking - Oh well. I'm hoping Project 4 can be a little more up-beat.

What else? (Because this is becoming a summary….)

I spectated my first Ironman branded race since racing Kona in ’09 (I’ve been to two other triathlons….but nothing like this). I wasn’t sure how I would feel… sometimes I really miss the sport and what my athletic-life was. The pangs of sadness catch me off guard –  but its more of a mourning for who I used to be, not what I can’t do. The reality is that’s NOT who I am now, or even anywhere close to where I’m at. Having uber friend and pro triathlete Beth Shutt stay at our place and race her FIRST pro race sealed the deal, and though 3:30 am came awfully early (I can’t believe I used to wake up THAT early for racing! Aack!), I wanted to cheer her on and support her as best as I could. I figured I would carry all of my camera gear (lenses, tripod, etc) and take pictures all day – my photos would become my voice.

Beth did GREAT, and I was surprised at how much fun I had. The post-race turkey burger + fries + Red Cup FroYo was well earned….WOW – spectating is tough! But maybe race photography would be a future venture I would consider pursuing…. I’m feeling better about my camera work, and with some creative editing, I’m really happy with how my images came out. Plus… I’ve had so many unflattering pictures taken of me during races…I know what I don’t like. Anything to avoid the massive quad wibbly shot when one’s foot makes contact with the ground. Not cool. If I was to become an official photographer, I wouldn’t do that to athletes.

Beth on the run - AWESOME!

There's a pro triathlete in my bathtub!

Still in the mood for more?

The Yank is out of town for 5 weeks, off training in Arizona and getting ready for deployment #4. It feels very surreal, that we’re doing this all over again. The upside of having a super-jam-packed schedule, is that he’s already been gone for a week ++, and time doesn’t seem like it’s dragging on (and on and on and on). I’m looking at my calendar and seeing homework, violin gigs, rehearsals, photo shoots, and the occasional wedding videography job – not lamenting how s-l-o-w-l-y time is passing. Of course when he’s gone for 7 months, time will warp and it will seem like forever (which it always does). I miss him, though – life just isn’t the same when he’s not here.

So that’s the latest and greatest. I’m laying low this weekend (hence, the updated blog) – nothing scheduled = time to read (for fun!), hiking (if I want), and I think I’ll throw in a movie tonight. Or just catch up with shit tv. Good times!

Stay happy and healthy – and think about the icing stuff. Or in my case…. uber cute cowboy boots that go great with flirty dresses. Thanks for the love and support – I truly appreciate it.

And…. a few more of my favorite images from Oceanside 70.3……

LOTS of Marine life. Which is exactly why I don't do ocean swims anymore.


3 thoughts on “How long has it been…?

  1. Marit!!! Hoping they get that swollen leg/ankle figured out soon. I’m glad you can still run/hike/etc…but I’m sure it must be frustrating not knowing what it is! In the mean time, I think the one-legged compression sock look is super HOT! 🙂

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I got the “official” pics back from the race and they were all so bad! Squishy quads and not one where both feet were even remotely close to being off the ground! These people don’t know what they are doing. You would make a killing with the quality of your pictures! 🙂

    Happy rehearsal and photoshopping this week! 🙂

  2. Marit, Your pics are wonderful! Bummer on the leg issues, I really hope they figure things out soon. But, great you have the green light to exercise 🙂 Had to laugh at your ocean swim comments, I’d forgotten (temporarily) of your “unknown lurkers’ in deep water fear (which I share)!! May you find your busy schedule enjoyable – and the time pass quickly til N comes back home.

  3. I hope you figure everything out soon! Going back to school is awesome! And I LOVE dresses and cowboy boots. I just bought a new pair of boots the other day. Now I just need some (more) cute dresses

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