Portraiture Project

Last week I turned in my Portraiture Project for Photography – the goal was to take individual pictures that told a story about the subject. Initially I only photographed N and my folks (during their visit) – but eventually worked up the gumption to ask complete strangers. Slightly scary, but as time passed, I was more comfortable with it. I made all the pictures B&W – I love this medium, and feel like there’s a timeless quality to it. Oh well – that, and I’m a sucker for Ansel Adams.

MRI scheduled for Thursday morning – keeping my fingers crossed for good results!

PS – Obviously I need to spell check my watermarks – many apologies. Yes, I do realize that “Phogography” and “Photography” are different.  Not enough time to fix it…. creative spelling will have to remain!

San Juan Cappistrano

Asking this guy was probably the hardest for me - I think he thought I was angling for his #. I just liked what his shirt said.

I love waking up with this guy - every time he's home, I feel extremely lucky. And he was a good sport.


3 thoughts on “Portraiture Project

  1. I love watching N eat cereal. He eats in the same way he did when a small boy. Does my heart good. Great photos and love seeing your folks pix.

  2. A magic child, a beautiful, precious daughter, an extraordinary adult. It’s your insight that commands your photography, and your soul that commands your brain. When your amazing body tries to set your limits – YOU MAKE YOURSELF HEARD, and push those limits. You are my hero, I love you so much; I q am beyond blessed to be your mother.

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