Hiking thoughts and a few Cuyamaca iPhone shorts (pics – with editing).

If there was ever a day to NOT run low on coffee beans, today was the day. The four cups remaining from yesterday’s batch combined with the barely 3 cups’ worth of beans I had left = less than desired coffee consumption. So I’ll admit it … I’m a sucker for drinking coffee all morning long. I just like having something to drink – especially of the coffee variety. Note to self – pick up coffee beans after tonight’s rehearsal.

Yesterday’s hike was great – exactly what the doctor ordered. I suppose that’s why I’m a tad more tired today… 14+ miles in the higher reaches of San Diego’s 6000+ foot, mountain lion-filled Cuyamaca Mountains would do that to anyone. The day was great – starting with a quick ascent of Cuyamaca, the county’s second highest mountain at 6,512 feet, followed by a hike to Middle Peak, and ending with a hot slough up Stonewall.

I’ve always headed inland when working through emotions surrounding my health; there’s something simply wonderful about mountains and high places that always leaves me feeling better. An undefinable sensation… alpine meadows and trees, lakes and valleys, distant mountains and immediate high places…. are all timeless, have weathered storms. Nature itself is larger than just one individual (or the shit they deal with). I suppose being in places like these, serve as a reminder that there’s a Great Wide World out there, and in the end I can still be happy and do things I love (in spite of my health). I no longer hike to bag peaks (although it’s always nice to reach the top…. USGS markers are a bonus) – but I hike to find and rediscover who I am.

Paso Picacho Campgrounds, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Highway 79

I wish the warning sign at the trail head didn't make the Mountain Lion look so friendly.

Above the clouds: views from Cuyamaca Peak looking west towards the coastal May Grey and inland valley fog. Fantastic!

Any day with a USGS marker is a good day. (Cuyamaca BM).

Saddle between Cuyamaca and Middle Peak. Hello alpine meadows!

Hanging out atop Middle Peak

Ghostly reminders of the 2003 Cedar Fire all over the area. Sort of weird to hike among these trees. Ashy, too.

Yours truly - dodging sunlight one step at a time.

Downhill fun over steep terrain.

tree rings

Stairs (and railing) from Stonewall Peak, looking towards Lake Cuyamaca. There's a USGS marker in there somewhere, too.

Future fun exploration!

"Going to the mountains is going home"
~ Jon Muir


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