You want me to stop eating WHAT?!?

Well, I saw my doc early this am and she pretty much confirmed my lack of valves and surgical approach to “fixing” my vasculature. For now. Technology is incredible, and medicine is constantly advancing. For now, swelling = here to stay. There’s just NOT a lot to work with, and as I’ve still got hard clot in my leg, well…. there just aren’t a lot of options. Growing up, I remember thinking and believing that ANYTHING was possible – but life experiences, my health, and the direction that I’ve chosen to travel have made me think otherwise. I think there are a lot of things that CAN happen, and on the days that I feel strong enough to fight for them, I will. Other days – the shit days (that we all have) – it’s different.

Additionally we discussed other changes that I could make to help with inflammation – both from lupus and my Chronic Venus Insufficiency/Post Thrombatic Syndrome. Definitely compression sock wearing (Hello Vitalsox!) is key…. as is elevation…massage and possibly acupuncture (although with a hefty daily lifelong dose of Coumadin, that may not be possible)… movement ALWAYS (movement = circulation = happy legs!)… aaaand…. temporarily trying some dietary adjustments.

So…. when I brought up the idea of eating according to a Paleo or Primal Diet mentality (THANK YOU FOR THE SUGGESTIONS), she perked right up. Absolutely the foods that we eat contribute to our body’s function. Yes – I have a pretty severe auto-immune disorder….BUT there are things I can do to help my body head in a better direction. It won’t make my lupus go away, but maybe tweaking what I eat (here are there) will contribute to less inflammation. And for me, less inflammation = less potential swelling.

It’s something to think about.

So… when I’m ready and the timing is right, she wants me to try avoiding the following foods for 2-4 weeks:

  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Citrus

Um…. yeah… about that list. That’s pretty much what I eat. Obviously I eat veggies and fruits, eggs, nuts, and dairy – but let’s face it…. wheat is GOOD (beer and bread – in that order)…. Sugar is good (what do I always say about that icing thing?)… Alcohol is necessary (hello – I’m a Marine wife, and as another spouse once told me, “we’ve ALL got hard liquor in the house”)…. Coffee is how I start my day (there’s nothing I can add – except that coffee is how I start my day)… Citrus – meh.

With that in mind – it’s not like I’m being graded or anything. And she confirmed that people cheat all the time – it’s just part of life. We BOTH think it would be interesting to try adapting a little bit of what I eat, and see what the effects are. At this point – I’m pretty much game for anything, and don’t have anything left to loose. I generally eat pretty healthy anyway (and I have to eat enough greens/veggies/fruits to keep my Vitamin K and Coumadin counts constant) – but…well… there you go.

Obviously, I need to work on this timing thing. N returns on Monday (I AM SO EXCITEDit’s only been 5 weeks, but still….. every homecoming is special, and should be celebrated) – and trust me…. there is NO WAY we’re not having a Pizza Port date. It’s just what we do. But for his upcoming deployment, I would absolutely want to try some of this…. I don’t think I could not feed him wheat, sugar, alcohol, coffee or citrus right before he deploys for 7 months – that’s just not right. Oh well.

So for now – I carry on. Keep up with the physical activity. Stay happy and positive (some days easy, other days – meh). Think about a dietary approach to curbing inflammation. Wear the compression socks + elevate. Eat the icing, regardless of diet…. and while we’re at it – toss in a Belgian Golden Ale too. And sport the Cowboy boots – because those make me happy.

Painting and more awesome work can be found on Jennifer's site:

Keep on keeping on – have a great day everyone! And thank you once again for all of your support!


6 thoughts on “You want me to stop eating WHAT?!?

  1. UGH!! No coffee or beer? That’s tough. But if it helps and makes you feel better, that will probably soften the blow…a lot! Good luck and let me know if you need any help with anything! In the mean time, ENJOY Nate’s homecoming!!! (as if I had to tell you to do that… 🙂 Hope you guys have fun!!!

  2. I’ve had to eliminate most of those from my diet as well, due to my hypothyroid. In no way am I dealing with as much as you, but I’ve been down and out for 2 years now and after nearly 4mo of no gluten/wheat, sugar, artificial sweeteners and little alcohol consumption I’m beginning to see a change for the better. I refuse to eliminate coffee and I don’t consume much citrus. At the same time my doc made me realize I HAD to rely on two doses of thyroid replacement each day. It’s a hard pill to swallow that your body NEEDS medicine Shit!

    We NEED to hike soon! And I am not ignoring you, but I’ve found myself working 6 days a week… not leaving me any time to do fun stuff like hike! But as soon as I have a free day, I’ll let you know!!

    Enjoy your time with N!!


  3. AT least they didnt say Dairy, holy cow ( ha ha ha) you still have greek yogurt. I bet you will find many things that could replace some of that, udi’s makes a great bagel and as for the coffee there are some teas that are robust coffee alternatives with chicory. Very tasty, yet, not the real thing. Rich has pretty much gone full decaf, can you do that?? fool yourself?
    hugs from home.

  4. Sounds like a totally un-Czech diet; after all, we need beer, coffee and Chrismas Bread to survive!!!! But, some substitutions actually (kind-of) work. I made gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese coconut frosting – and people liked it, they really liked it (and I even cut sugar by 50%). I’ll be trying gluten free dumplings, Christmas Bread, gravies
    (dill for you), and more. Actually, gluten free would be good for us too.

    Total agreement with Julia – hugs from home.

  5. Enjoy N’s return back home for a short bit! Good luck with the lifestyle/diet changes; i used to LOVVVVVE bread but really have no issues without it now…I try to make sure around 80-90% of my diet is Paleo so I can enjoy those social treats too, no point hating what your doing, there has to be regular rewards right??? I’m on Day 3 of no coffee and finally starting to “even” out in energy.

  6. Ok, I agree you shouldn’t deprive yourself or Nate of the “good” stuff right now. Let me know when you decide to start and I will send a little package over.

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