Photoshop Project: Avoidance

I’ve got another massive Photoshop Project due on Thursday – so naturally I’m doing anything but photoshop. We’re still using the Pen Tool (and Type Tool) – and through this process, I’ve decided that I’m just not a fan of vectors. Pixels – YES. Vectors and lines….no. I’ve got approximately 50 hours to put something together – I’m interested to see what I come up with. I’m thinking that Pizza Port will be a good place for inspiration… maybe later today or tomorrow.

Definitely NOT the time to cut out the alcohol from my diet. Let’s keep the caffeine, because I think I’ll need plenty of that too.

In other exciting news – the Yank returned late last night!


5 weeks in the Yuma desert = faded cammies (uniforms), tan lines, and when I kissed him, I could taste the dust on his skin. It’s really nice having him home – what can I say? I guess I’m a hopeless romantic – I love the guy and am generally happier when he’s here. Plus… I’ve missed our morning routines: me sitting in the bathroom and watching him shave, while I drink coffee and we talk about our upcoming day. It’s just one of those special things we do – so there you have it.

At some point we’re going to have to talk – like really talk – about the Chronic Valvular Insufficiency/Post Thrombatic Syndrome that I was diagnosed with when he was gone. (Can’t you just feel the excitement?!?)  It’s hard – like really hard – to process and work through the emotions of a devastating health prognosis on my own (again). I absolutely understand that I’m a military spouse, and there will be times when my Other Half just isn’t available – that however, doesn’t take away any of the hurt/pain/difficulty of being alone, scared, and uncertain. It was very nice of my parents to offer to fly out (especially after they had just been here), and I had SO much support from friends and readers (which made a HUGE difference – thank you!), but at the end of the day, I needed N. The reality is that the timing of my diagnosis fucking sucked – like really fucking sucked – there was very little that either of us could have done.

For now, he’s back at work and I’m still avoiding Photoshop.

A few images from my past week (because pixels are GOOD)…..

Fun times and party games at a friend's baby shower!

Any day with a USGS marker find is a GOOD day. Hanging out with friends makes it even better!

I get to play violin for this = yea!

Hope that everyone has a great day! Alright… enough distraction. Let’s bring on the vectors, Pen tool, and Photoshop Project 5. (Ugh).






3 thoughts on “Photoshop Project: Avoidance

  1. So glad Nathaniel is home!! I know life is still hard but I’m glad you have him to share things with. Happy photoshopping! I’m sure whatever you come up with will be brilliant!! 🙂

  2. Yay, he is back.
    You know I am reading a great novel at the moment called The Soldier’s Wife. Will send it over when I am done – you will enjoy it. Almost like readng about our own lives.

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