The Yank and I decided to live dangerously this morning, and added 3/4 caffeinated beans + 1/4 decaf (instead of all decaf) to our 12-cup coffee maker.


Honestly? I haven’t felt this awake at 5:30 in a long time. Adding my usual Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer (full of all the stuff that I’m working on avoiding…. mainly sugars and those yummy other preservatives) was a good call – I think I whimpered when I took my first sip. If you’re going to go…. you might as well go all out. In my defense, I’ve been experimenting with different “healthier” (read – less inflammation-producing) coffee creamers – the Silk Soymilk kind (weak)… the Sugarless kind (weird aftertaste – I had to dump the bottle)…. and there’s a small bit of “natural” French Vanilla creamer in the fridge that I was meaning to try today.

But I caved and went with the old stuff that I love.

Oh well.

And THAT, my friends, is just how it is.

If I can realistically aim for following an “inflammation-less” diet between 75-80% of the time, great. I guess that like with anything in life – this too is a work-in-progress. And standing with N in the kitchen while we sipped our 75% caffeinated coffee (+ me with my coffee creamer) – well, that was just awesome.

In other very exciting news – I finished my Photoshop Project 5! By the skin of my teeth – WOW. I actually altered what I thought was my final version about an hour before it was due and had to re-write (and resubmit) my Artist’s Statement. I was thinking about the Pen Tool during my Photography class and suddenly BAM! – something clicked, and suddenly a small bit of it made sense. In a last-minute desperate effort, I added text to her arm and chin (and yes – her arm is WAY too thin…. “anorexic” as my prof called it. Can I blame the media? Nah – just my lack of Pen Tool Skilz):

The entire premise of the assignment was to create an image of a celebrity, using ONLY text. In the end, my effort included creating thousands of individual layers of the letter “C” (hair + bodice) and using the “)” and “(” to create just about everything else. Flattening the 500 “C” layers in her hair was a mistake (as I found out later from my prof) – I should have created a folder for just “hair” layers. Even though all the C’s were individually created and opacity changed on some to create texture, I can’t go back and change even one “C” in her hair… if I lighten the opacity, everything will be affected. Oops.

So… now I know all about folders in Photoshop.

But at the end of the day – give me a camera, the use of pixels – and I can do lots of cool stuff.

LJSO concert was fun last weekend – playing 19th century music was AWESOME – and while I’m excited about our last concert of the season (June 8-10), playing ALL modern music = not so cool. Oh well… I complained about Stravinsky before, but his “Rite of Spring” grew on me. I’m sure “The Firebird” will grow on me as well. In the interim, I’m excited to accompany the Pacific Lyric Association in their production of Bizet’s “Carmen”. My stand partner is a Finnish guy named Yari, who is pretty much the happiest Finn I’ve ever met and loves IPA beer more than the Yank. We make a good match. Friday night is our dress rehearsal, and we’re performing all weekend at MiraCosta College.

I’m the blond violinist, next to the tan Finn – hello 2nd violin section! Small orchestra + paying gig = fun!

And that’s pretty much it. I think I’m going to refill my coffee… amazing how quickly the pot disappears when you make it with the Good Stuff. Some photo editing for a friend’s baby shower + quick gym session + violin stuff + class = busy day. GOOD day, too.

Love it while you live it – today I certainly am. Coffee included.







3 thoughts on “Buzzzed

  1. You’ve got to balance what makes you happy with what makes you feel better! Seems like you are finding that balance.

  2. Isnt that the truth. We have been on the Kate Oliver diet lately. Alot of wine:) haha. I should ask her before i coin that her diet, tho, shouldnt I. Hugs from us.

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