Light Graffiti, Military Spouse Day, and the dreaded “D” – disappointment

In yesterday’s photography class, we had the opportunity to play around with lights and various lighting techniques – referred to as “Light Graffiti”. The technique involves a long camera exposure, a dark space, and a creative use of lights (led, christmas tree, flashlight – pretty much anything that gives off light). The sky is pretty much the limit on this one.

Though I’ve worked a LOT with my tripod and have had many night-time sessions with my camera, I haven’t really spent any time in a dark studio. Arriving 10 minutes late to class was probably the best thing I could have done…. everyone else had already set up their tripods, paparazzi-style (5-feet off the ground and trained on the subject), and not wanting to be rude, I stayed lower – close to the ground and out of the way. I figured that I’m in this position a lot when I’m working as a wedding videographer for Classic Filmworks – some of those shots turn out okay.

60-minutes later, the young whippersnappers in the class were just warming up – with our instructor out of the studio, people had some, ah, very creative ideas for lights and what sort of shapes could be made with them. As my legs were cramped from crouching, I politely excused myself. No need for a 30-something in the room – I don’t usually blush behind the lens, and this seemed like a good opportunity to edit my proofs.

Also – Happy Military Spouse Day! I’ve been fortunate enough to be a military spouse for nearly 9 years….I don’t really know what to say – lots of stuff going through my head on that one. Some of the best times ever – but coupled with some of the worst. I’ve made some of the BEST friends ever, have experienced things I never thought I would. Through it all, I’ve been with N – the love of my life – and, well, I love him. These aren’t my words – but I like what they say:

Yep… this pretty much describes it.

As for the dreaded “D” – disappointment. Ah – if only it were as easy as setting a shutter speed and aperture. Sometimes I feel disappointed in general – with my health and how my body is slowly letting me down (fuck you lupus), or how people behave and the hurtful things they do, or even society in general (do NOT get me started on politics). The recent 61% majority decision in North Carolina to pass an Amendment banning gay marriage and civil union, is another example of disappointment.

I saw thin on FB the other day – not my photo, but TOTALLY worth sharing

Okay – so I got started on politics. Sorry.

Recently a friend told me that perhaps it’s not them, maybe it’s me. Perhaps my standard is different or my ideals a little too high – lower the bar and I won’t be hurt. I’ve always hoped that people would do the right thing at the right time (even when no one is looking) – because it’s just the right thing to do, and tried to live my life by treating others how I would wish to be treated. I’m definitely not perfect, but I think I have a pretty big heart. Maybe if I adjust my expectations (with my health… with people….with humanity in general) I won’t experience as much disappointment – which is a pretty bitter pill to swallow and downright depressing when you think about it.

I’m still thinking about it.

Then again – in the state of North Carolina where it’s legal to marry one’s first cousin, should I really be surprised at a gay marriage ban? Nah. I don’t expect much from that state anyway (and I’ve lived there when N was stationed at Cherry Point).

Tonight it’s a dress rehearsal for Carmen, and concerts all weekend. And I AM looking forward to that!

In the meantime – I should probably just:

And focus on:

Except in the state of North Carolina, that is.


I really liked all the lights – but I thought the pictures looked much more interesting in black and white… I think I’m just partial to that medium. A few more of my favorites – enjoy and thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Light Graffiti, Military Spouse Day, and the dreaded “D” – disappointment

  1. Nice work! Liking how the technique enhances the piece. Usually ‘light painting’ doesn’t seem to think this way. They’d be great for some pencil drawing, very dynamic tones!

  2. Happy Military Spouse Day to you Marit!!! I have problems with that recipe though. I think it takes a lot more than 1 cup of courage to get you through!!! Love your art as usual!!!

  3. I just love how you put things: always honest, always relevant and never hurtful. Congratulations to you and the Yank. Military life is not easy, but the really good things seldom are. My love to you both

  4. hi Marit,
    I love your photos and agree with you that the black-and-white ones are the best.
    Hope you enjoy a great weekend.
    North Carolina sounds like a very reactionary part of the country, they must have alot of birth defectsif they can marry the first cousins.

  5. Yeah, ugh, so embarrassed by this state. It was interesting to see the county by county – the ‘big cities’ were all against the amendment (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Charlotte/Asheville) and the rest were all for. Apparently, even the guy who was initially behind this amendment voted against it because he didn’t realize all the implications.

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