The one with no pictures. Almost.

There’s a lot going on, and I’m in a time crunch…. but isn’t that  always the case? Um…. that’s totally called life.

First up : La Jolla Symphony – and my *awesomeness* at sight reading Stravinsky’s Firebrid .

I didn’t know how bad it would be…. so in this case ignorance truly was bliss. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the looks that our conductor sent my way spoke volumes. Generally I’m pretty okay at sight-reading, but missing last week’s first rehearsal combined with the fact that this pieces was an entity all to itself…. I foresee lots of practice time in the future. Wow. just wow. I kept mistakenly calling it “Firebrand”, but I’m pretty sure (at this point) – what I attempted to play last night and my idea of a Firebrand are one and the same.

I’ll get ’em next week.

Second: Finals. Yes, you read that correctly, finals.

It’s been years since I took a final exam in anything. My college career ended in 2003, and with a few “fun” classes taken at whatever community college we’ve lived near since then – well, I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I still contend that I picked the wrong Wisco major, and although I love history and am grateful for the skills acquired through my B.A. course load – photography and digital media are just cool. And even in my free time, when I’m NOT doing xyz, I still reach for the camera or computer to edit. I love this stuff – just love it.

And if the lesson that I learn is that it took 10 years post-college to really figure out which direction I want my life to head (while working under the fuck you lupus and military spouse (so sometimes fuck you military) constraints) – well that’s okay.

But I’m still slightly panicked about finals. Yeah – I know I’ll get ’em done…. But the final Photoshop project is to create a website. This is slightly panicky – just because I’ve never built my own website (per se). Sort of like playing Firebrand.

Third: Home Alone. Again.

The Yank headed out to DC for some sort of aviation conference for a week. I don’t really mind too much, and although I miss him, it gives me plenty of opportunity to study and practice on my own. At weird hours…. and not get the I’m-home-what’s-for-dinner look. Bah. I hate that look – and question!

Fourth: Argyle Compression Socks.

From my friend Agnes – THANK YOU! They made my day…. and seriously – who doesn’t love blue argyle socks?

Five: Haircut + chemical alterations.

It’s been 4-months since my last trim – yep, I’m definitely growing my hair out. Last year’s bang fiasco still haunts me (well everything in July 2011 was awful. Bah humbug).  I suppose this is the anti-bang retaliation. The chemical alterations – well, it’s to give my natural blond a boost – my lack of time in the sun because of lupus has left me highlight-less… so this is my alteration. Sort of like wearing cowboy boots over compression socks (in a totally weird but connected way). At least blue argyle make them fun – just like the highlights.

Six: Okay – one picture (pre cut).

Photoshop finals practice…. I’m working on my masking and ability to take a single selection from an image (without destroying the rest of the pixels) and a placing it elsewhere. The black and white ads an artistic twist. The left side looks much better than the right – for some reason I had a harder time with the stuff on the right side. But as I’ve already completed the book exercises, why not work with some of my own? Or in this case – a random shot that N took last weekend. Peanut Butter Cups are THE BEST.

The before:

Giant PB cup in downtown Carlsbad – love!

And the after: (Okay – so two pictures)

Hello masking tool – we need more practice!

…aaaand it’s back to studying. Gym + class later today. Then more study and some whine and wine time with M. Probably less wine, more whine (and no questions about dinner)– and then back to homework. Suffice today is NOT the day to go off caffeine – the 1/2 caf. coffee is good. And starting to kick in. Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “The one with no pictures. Almost.

  1. Hi Marit! You look great! Please talk to Ms. Lorrie about growing her hair out. Keep listing the music you are playing. I am expanding my music library and am always up for new suggestions. All of my formal opera training came from Bugs Bunny cartoons. (read: needs work) Call us when/if you guys get to Milwaukee/Chicago metro area. I have a few beers that you need to try.


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