Round 1 – complete!

Well – round 1 of finals are COMPLETE. Both Photoshop and Photography exams took place yesterday – final projects are due next week. I’m not worried about the photography bit – that’s been completed for a while now. The Photoshop project… er…. I’m still not panicking, sort of. Exams were fine – well the photography exam was fine. Photoshop – let’s just say that in the beginning of the final I totally forgot to convert all of my images into smart objects… so at the end when checking my work, everything looks slightly pixelated when blown up.


Nothing says I feel awesome! after sitting a 3.5 hour photoshop final, when at the end you realize your image is pixelated because of an omission 3.5 hours before.


Oh well – while I definitely wasn’t feeling like a Smart Object, I will NEVER EVER forget to convert my images into Smart Objects. Post-exam nachos + beer with a friend and fellow Gunfighter spouse was exactly what was needed.

Today… I’m NOT DOING ANY PHOTOSHOP work. Period. The gym + a long drive in the open-air jeep with H to check out a horse farm in Ramona for her daughter’s birthday party sounds super. I love living in Southern California, and any opportunity to escape to the mountains (even the low-lying ones) is welcomed. If N were here, the jeep would be at work with him – so this seems like a good trade-off. He’s back Sunday, and I can’t wait.

Though I gripe about Photoshop, I really DO love my class and have learned SO MUCH. Final website project due next week, and I guarantee that Smart Objects will be utilized. Yeah.

Have a great weekend – GOOD LUCK to my triathlete friends who are racing!

the elixir of the gods.

best study place. ever.

NOT ready for launch (photoshop practice)- not without Smart Objects. Just take it away.

practicing my “panning” with Shitty Kitty and the Lazer Pointer. Awesome.

more elixir of the gods

My gym… where I’m headed RIGHT NOW.


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