~ Bullet Point Style ~

…because that’s just how it’s going to be as it’s been eons since my last post.

  • My semester is OVER! No more photoshop projects or photography assignments due. The lack of deadlines feels slightly weird, but not unwelcome. And besides, it’s just in time for my summer work with the San Diego County Animal Services – I’m working as a feline photographer to help promote and adopt cute and adorable kitties. Sigh. The first goal – is to help awesome kitties get adopted. The second goal – to not adopt any myself.

But with a look like this, um… it’s hard to NOT feel a tug at my heart strings:

        ……or this ~

     Like I said – we’ve got TWO kitties already and I refuse to become a crazy cat lady. Help them get adopted to loving homes? YES. Cat Hoarder – NO.

  • Getting ready for upcoming deployment #4. I bought deli meat from the store yesterday, and the expiration date was after the Yank is expected to leave. Lovely. Just part of the military life, I suppose.
  • Final concert weekend with the La Jolla Symphony for our 2011-2012 season! FREE Friday dress rehearsal from 7-10, Saturday concert at 7:30, and Sunday we perform at 2 pm – Mandeville Auditorium on the campus of UCSD. It should be GOOD – the Firebrand is really growing on me, even though there’s a section in the fifth movement that I have NO hope of playing – it’s still a really cool piece. The Barber Piano Concerto reminds me of Indiana Jones, and overall I’m excited! It’s been a great season, and in spite of my missed notes and the occasional odd look from our conductor, I love playing. Looking forward to 2012-2013 season!
  • Still a little sad – but resigned – to not being outside in the full sun. I think this will be a lifelong grapple. Even something as sipping coffee outside – shade is my friend and if there’s none to be found, I’m inside. But it could be worse – right?
  • Speaking of the Yank… we went hiking last week to our local (but far) mountains. The Lagunas are always awesome – no mountain lions to be found, lots of awesome views, and a post-hike beer at Alpine Beer Company with my best friend…. what’s not to love?

On the road

Garnet overlook – Anza Borrego Desert in the background… fantastic!

Hey! Someone tampered and removed the USGS marker. I believe that’s a $250 fine. Ugh. First time seeing this – so I guess it does happen.

I love this guy! And post-hike beer is always fantastic.


5 thoughts on “~ Bullet Point Style ~

  1. OMG Marit…. GOOD LUCK resisting taking home one feline.. then another.. and another… It must be so hard to see them without a home. 😦

  2. My sister has a deaf albino cat she adopted from the humane society, and she walks dogs at night. I think volunteering is the best thing other than taking them all home and becoming that crazy cat lady:) come home I will sit in the shade with you and we can swim b4 8 am so we dont get much sun:)
    Glad you can get out to hike my friend, what a cute hiking partner!

  3. Deployments. Make sure you have all the jars of condiments already open before he leaves. I always end up having a few in the house that I just can’t get open that have to wait until the hubs gets home. 😉 Oh goodness, and the cats! If I wasn’t allergic, I would definitely be a crazy cat lady. Although I think my weims also might try to eat them. 😉

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