On the cusp of our 4th

Lots of change happening in a short time: I must confess – haven’t been great about writing much lately. Oh well – such is life.

The past month in a nutshell:

– 1 sinus infection, 2 peaks over 10,000+ feet bagged, 3 cups of half caf/half decaf coffee per day (the mid-afternoon caffeine headaches are finally gone), 5 different breweries visited during our AWESOME vacation to the Pacific NW (Sound, Elysian, Peaks, Bainbridge Island Brewing, and Slippery Pig), 8 days of pre-deployment vacation – the BEST VACATION EVER – to the Pacific Northwest with the Yank, 6 different forms of transportation utilized to return from said vacation (rental car + ferry + plane + bus + train + taxi = my Dad would be proud), 9 years of marriage celebrated, and a whole lotta other stuff that is just too much to write.

And now… now we are on the cusp of combat deployment # 4. It feels very surreal that my time with the Yank is limited to days and hours – watching him pack is always hard. Yes – this is the life that we lead…. but it’s not always easy. This deployment just feels different. I mean – they ALL are different, regardless of destination. But in lieu of everything that has happened over the past two years – it’s hard to let N go. This one is especially painful.

For now – we eat sushi tonight, drink lots of Pizza Port beer, and enjoy our time together. That’s all that I can really ask for at this point.

Love it while you live it –

I think this is NOT regulation, even though I fit into his bags.

Making sure the bags have met weight requirements – on second thought, don’t pack me.

From the bottom of the whiskey glass


8 thoughts on “On the cusp of our 4th

  1. What a wonderful sounding holiday – 2 peaks above 10K? NICE!!! I don’t know how you military spouses do it, having your partner be so far away – kudos to you and may the time fly quickly til N is back with you.

  2. Ugh. I’m so sad for you Marit. You are an incredibly strong woman… and everything is going to be juuust fine 🙂 You and N are a solid team and two are pro’s at the distance thing… and of course, there are few moments GREATER than being reunited with him 🙂 Sometimes I think more couples need an opportunity to miss each other…

  3. Oh Marit… sending you hugs and nods and knowing assurances… we’re about 3 months from the end of this D. Each day brings us closer to reunion, and each day that passes I marvel at how the love grows stronger as the burden feels heavier. Bless you and N for your service; your strength and courage uplift me each time I visit the unconventional view. Keep writing, keep trucking, sister…

  4. I hear you with the past year stuff. We have lost 4 people in the past year in my husband’s squadron, not due to deployment crap, but suicides, car accidents, etc. Plus, I lost my tri coach this year. It was hard!! It still is. But like you said, all you can do is live the time that you have! I feel like at 29 years old, I should be a little bit more careless with my life, but I’m not. I don’t take one second for granted especially with my husband. I feel grateful because most people learn this lesson in their 40’s. How long is he going to be gone for?

  5. Can’t believe you went to Slippery Pig. It’s owned my some of my high school friends. That’s pretty much my hometown. Sorry to see Nate go…Stay strong!

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