“It’s been one week !”

For those of you old enough to know the song by BNL – good on you! Great band, hilarious lyrics, and I’ve had a not-so-secret yearning to see them live for years. One of these days, I keep telling myself – one of these days.

Well – the Yank has been gone a full week now. I keep going back and forth – it’s either the s-l-o-w-e-s-t week of my life, or one of the fastest. I’m going to be optimistic and say fastest. Towards the end of deployments, well, that’s when time slows down and seemingly stands still. Sort of like running through honey – or at least I would imagine running through honey to feel like. For now – I’ll keep up with the optimistic bit and say it’s going by.

But it’s hard. I think about him every day. I miss and love him so much.

Still funny – even though we’re both blue.

In the mean time… I’ve tried to stay busy and do stuff that I enjoy before my fall work schedule swings into action. On the positive end of things, I’ve been able to see a few different friends (I love my friends – they are awesome! And mean the world to me!) and hang out, went hiking and bagged a few of SoCal’s highest peaks (Gogronio, Jepson, and Dobbs – hooray! The descent from Dobbs ridge…? Eh – not so much. 3,300+ feet lost in 1.7 trail-less miles… OUCH. My feet felt better after Ironman), cleaned bits of the house, spent a day at Department of Animal services photographing super cute, friendly, and in-need-of-a-great-home adoptable kitties, researched craft-brewing places to visit with N when he returns, dealt with paperwork and hr stuff for my job at MiraCosta (yea!), edited a shit-tonne of photos from our Pacific NW vacation, planned a few more trips, and attended one Killer Kore class at my gym.

Let me tell you – I can hike endless miles through all different types of terrain. But a 25-minute ab class just about killed me. Seriously. I will abstain from laughter for the next 24 hours because it just hurts too damn much.

And of course – there have been a few bad moments, too. The fire alarm at 3:30 am the day after N left – not so fun. Loosing temporarily not having possession of our mail key was also NOT super fun. And I probably won’t eat another Peanut Butter M&M for a long LONG LONG time after devouring an entire bag the night N left. It was fugly.

So.. there you have it.

And when I get really sad and miss my best friend, I just think about ALL the $$$ that we’re saving by not making weekly forays to Pizza Port or any other craft-beery-type place.


It would still be better if he were here.

But this is the life we lead…. this is where it’s at. I’m very proud of N – it takes a lot to do what he and so many of our military are doing.

This weekend I get to enjoy book club, am filming a wedding with Classic Filmworks, and hiking some steep trail on San Jacinto with a great hiking partner. Fun!

Love it while you live it – and hug your family and friends extra tight. You don’t know how lucky you are. GOOD LUCK to everyone racing this weekend!

PS – And avoid Peanut Butter M&Ms and Killer Kore classes, if at all possible.

I found it!!! SoCal’s high point at 11,502 !

Top of Gorgonio – happy!

More important than mountains….Lovey kitties – waiting for a loving home.

I loved this guy…please help and adopt animals from shelters!


4 thoughts on ““It’s been one week !”

  1. Many hugs to you Marit. I can’t even begin to imagine… 😦 But congrats on your new job!! Exciting for sure. Great to see your photography talents put to good use!! 🙂

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