2013 in Photos – and why hello there!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about writing more. But then life gets in the way and yadda yadda yadda – you know the rest. Er – apparently you don’t because the rest involves NOT writing for a long period of time. And though I’ve neglected this blog, I have dutifully entered every peak and hike into my peakbagger.com account, all while repeating to myself, “You know… you really should write a REAL trip report….” That should count for something, right?

Alas, here I am.

Perhaps it was the taper week for an upcoming race. Yeah, now that I think about it, I’m sure that’s the culprit. I found myself competitively stacking dishes last Wednesday. It was f-ugly. But also a telltale sign of being antsy to GO GO GO, I say.

I dunno – on a deeper level, I suppose the gesture reminded me of how I used to race, the things I used to do. I never actually pulled the trigger on deleting the old site(s); there was just too much there to completely erase. And while I’m really NOT that person any more (duh) – it doesn’t mean that life isn’t any less exciting. I just get to do a lot of different really cool, awesome, and interesting things than before. And sometimes, I still find that bit of me wanting to say something or tell a story with images.

So…without further ado… a quick recap of 2013 – in pictures. Just because. And who knows…. maybe I’ll start doing trip reports, posting photos, and all sorts of cool things like that.

Eh – better to not get ahead of myself.

January: Starting off the year working at a local college. Hooray for photography and writing!

January February: After 7 months, the Yank came home from his 4th tour overseas. So naturally, we went to Pizza Port.

February_PPand then skiing to Mammoth. We were amazed: there were no broken bones or massive crashes. The worst was him falling on the last day under the ski lift as our instructors were riding up for a quick trip down the mountain at the end of the day. It wouldn’t have been so awkward, except his skis came off and somehow he was temporarily stuck on the ground. Oh well, we laugh about it now – just like we said we would.

February_skiingFor the record – he kicks my ass going downhill, as I’m really a wimp and afraid of crashing. For once in my life, I go s-l-o-w, and am not ashamed to admit it.

March: On my own again, while the Yank was in school for 2 months at a far-away place called Yuma. I had fun doing photo projects and attempted to run in flip flops for the sake of art. 75 shots later, the fun-factor was pegged, but I liked what I was getting (minus the blisters).

March_runningApril: Peak 6582, ABDSP. A no-name peak on absolutely zero peak lists, with one massive carin at the top. Epic views, gnarly climb.

April_Peak_6582 copy May: Hundred Peaks List Finish for my amazing hiking parter and friend, C.

May_list_finish …aaaand, the Yank returned. For the first time in years, we had zip, zero, zilch deployments on the books. So we hiked the Trans Catalina Trail.

May_TCTEarly morning coffee at Parson’s Landing, Catalina Island. I packed too much crap, but the PB was worth it. And besides, it made the Bison Burger at the end taste all the better. Just don’t tell the free roaming bison that we encountered in great numbers on Day #2.

June: Vacation, Friends, Yosemite, Eastern Sierras, Marmots! We had a little bit of it all.

H & I ~ Yosemite Ninja Girls, chasing away the bold and unafraid squirrels from our food. And tents. And cars.


And then there was Half Dome, made all the better with excellent friends.


10th Anniversary Celebration – It’s a festivus miracle, but we made it and we were both together on the same continent. And in my books, that is awesome!

June_anniversarySteaming up Mammoth Lakes, CA.

July: Realizing that you’ve had a little too much vacation, so you’ll stay an extra day in Mammoth & relish the coffee, only visit one more mountain range (White Mountains), and then head home after a massive lightning storm blows over your head at 12,000 feet on a narrow ridge. As the Yank said after successfully hiking our first 14-er (White Mountain!) and surviving said storm, “You know, I could have us at Pizza Port in 6 hours.” So naturally we drove home and skipped the Southern Sierras. It was a bad weather pattern, anyway. Damn monsoonal moisture.

July_coffeeI’m wearing my Half Dome shirt. For the record, the Alpenhof has the BEST continental breakfast ever.

Happily, we recovered.


August: Setting out to hike Mt Whitney and Lone Pine Peak, but failing at both. The first because of weather and my deathly-afraid-of-lightning nature. The second because the final scree slope didn’t feel safe – weirdly unstable. 45 minutes after descending, this is what C and I witnessed –

August_LPPA massive rockslide from two miles away. Er – sorry, the dust from a massive slide from 2 miles away. The storm we knew about; whereas this – it was completely unexpected. Even if it means not reaching a peak, I will always listen to my gut instinct. When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

So I spent 6 days chilling with my folks and Cousin N, at my most favoritest place in the world – Bainbridge Island, WA.


I ran every day. And walked along the sound. And then drank beer with my Mom.

Beer_Momand bottled beer with Dad, Cousin N and Stan. It was fantabulous!


And EXACTLY what I needed before going back to work for the fall semester.

September: After mustering my gumption, I climbed Langley (14,026) with C. Happy!

September_LangleyAnd the next day, I was lucky enough to stand atop Mt Whitney (14,505)- highest peak in the contiguous US. I love that word, continuous.

September_WhitneyI was wearing EVERY article of clothing that I had schlepped up that mountain. It was cold. But TOTALLY worth it.

October: The Yank was promoted – I am so proud of him.


November: I reached 100 HPS Peaks! While I’ll probably never finish “the list”, it took me nearly three years of hiking to reach these 100 distinct peaks that are over 5,000 feet high and located throughout Southern California. I could not have done it without C or the Yank, and a few other incredible hiking partners along the way. Here’s to Winston Peak! So aptly selected, in honor of my Dad, who got me started in running and nordic skiing years and years ago, and who has always inspired my great love for the outdoors.


And – we also celebrated the 238th Marine Corps Ball. Again – it’s a festivus miracle that we were both here together.

November_ballFor the record, I was finding gold sequins everywhere for weeks post-ball. In the car….on the front doormat…..in the elevator…. under the kitchen table….bathroom – you name it.

December: End-of-semester bliss, holidays, family, friends, end-of-year reflection. Good stuff!

Funnier when you can’t figure out how the hell are the damn Christmas tree lights supposed to plug in? In my defense, my folks were giving me pointers.

December_treeLuckily we managed to get it to work. This picture was just a lot funnier.

But I flew back to San Diego for Christmas, and the Yank and I spent a great holiday season together. We finished out 2013 by hiking to San Ysidro and Peak 6020. San Ysidro was okay. Peak 6020, um, let’s just say we were focused on reaching the summit so we would never ever ever need to return again. It was a pain-in-the-ass peak, filled with bushwhacking, desert brush, trail-less sandy slopes, and hidden mountain lions (I’m guessing). But we stuck it through. I mean, as the final hike of the year, I didn’t want to end it by NOT achieving a summit. And yeah – with all that I say about not caring about the top, for the most part I don’t. I just didn’t want to not reach the top for my last hike of 2013, especially after it had already been an amazingly epic year. But we found our way, the views were spectacular, mountain lions remained out of sight, and overall we were no worse for the wear.


So… there you have it. My 2013. In a nutshell.

With that, I’m off to bed. This writing bit IS tiring, and I’ve got a race on Sunday. Hike on Monday.

For now, I’ll leave it at that.


4 thoughts on “2013 in Photos – and why hello there!

  1. Awesome Marit! Does this mean your health is much better? You completed a heap of bucket list hikes, nice, I would love to do Whitney one day (maybe to finish the John Muir trail?); great pictures too, looks like 2013 was pretty darn wonderful after a tough 2012….

  2. What an amazing year!!! Loved reading the update. And love, love, love all your pictures (of course). You and Nathaniel look STUNNING in your ball attire! Here’s to a wonderful 2014 to you both!

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