Wednesday stuff and racing?

I’ve spent the past week + mostly recovering and taking it easy from the Carlsbad Half. Spinning on the trainer and foam rolling have been critical. And in my opinion, a strong Belgian style beer and some Portzel love from my favorite hangout has worked wonders. I know – shocking.

In addition, I’ve been told that one should never ever ever make major decisions after racing, including but not limited to  having babies, buying houses, and signing up for more races. No worries about the kiddos or house – it’ll be a while if ever on those fronts. And I think the parents have given up on us announcing “we are expecting!” – we are not. 10+ years of marriage, and the radar that used to seem so focused on us has shifted towards the younger siblings. The house? Perhaps next time we move, it’s an option.

However. But.

Um, the itch to race is still there…trust me, I wasn’t thinking about that during mile 11, but after the fact – well, um, why not? So although I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, if I’m still feeling the motivation this weekend – a full two weeks after racing – then I’ll sign up for the La Jolla Half. Hell, who knows – maybe I’ll go for the full SoCal Triple Crown by adding the AFC Half in August.

Why not?

And besides – my hiking partner C is running a marathon the same weekend as the LJ Half, and I figure that we could tailor some of our hikes around running. Scratch that – we’ve still got our hiking schedule and some pretty awesome upcoming stuff that I’m really excited about. I’ll tailor the running around the hiking and make them both work, health permitting of course.

This week I’ve eased gradually back into running, as I’ve got a Fitness Challenge for the Yank’s unit on Monday. What the heck is a fitness challenge you ask?

Well, it’s less fitness, more of a calories-burned challenge that our unit spouses are participating in. We’ve got six months to record and track our calories burned while exercising. It’s a fun concept and I’m playing along. Strava is making it exceedingly easy to input my weekly calories burned, although with all the long runs and hiking, I tend to burn a lot  of weekly calories. Oh well. It’s the crazy endurance stuff, what can I say. And I’m doing my best to not go all crazy with numbers, but you try hiking 8 hours…3,000+ calories later…. BOOM. Now if they had a category for PB Cups consumed, I would definitely be in the red.

Like I said before – It was f-ugly, and I haven’t had a PB Cup since.

As for the fitness challenge – next Monday I get to take a Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Marines take these on a yearly basis, and it involves running 3 miles for time, and doing a certain amount sit-ups and pull-ups for points. It should be, ah, interesting as running 3 timed miles will involve what few fast-twitch muscles I have. Sit-ups – that should be okay. Pull-ups? Um, that should also be interesting too.

Don’t expect me to lift my arms over my head on Tuesday. Otherwise, I think it should be a fun challenge.

What else? The Yank came back from 29-er Palms last night after being gone for a few days. It’s always nice when he’s home – life is just better with My Person. En route, though – he stopped to hike and do Summits On The Air work (SOTA) – remember, that hiking + radio thing he does? Anyway it was nice getting a text of the Inspiration Point Bench Mark from Joshua Tree NP, even though I was a teensy weensy bit jealous that he was out there and I wasn’t.


Okay – a lot. I would have loved to have been out there instead of working with my students. But that’s life.

Other stuff? I’m loving my Writing Center work at the college this semester. The classes that I (basically) TA for are fantastic, I LOVE the discussion sections that I’m facilitating, and my one-on-one tutoring is fulfilling. During the down time, the WC is building paper cranes, with the lofty goal of completing 1,000 cranes. In spite of my best efforts, I have yet to build a crane. Scratch the spacial 3D stuff…. you know me – I’m a pixel girl at heart.


One of these days, I will make a paper crane and get past the step “reverse fold i to g”. Whatever.

Lastly – I bought a race photo. I never do that, even from IM Hawaii. I don’t really regret that – at the time is just didn’t matter to me. But now, it’s different. Racing is something that I love and I look at each race as an opportunity, something to never ever be taken for granted. In spite of the burning quads and angry IT band, the smile is genuine. I did a slight blur and filter thingy in photoshop just so the guy in the background didn’t look like he was RIGHT THERE- otherwise, well, that’s me happy at the finish.


Happy Wednesday everyone – thanks for stopping by!


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