Sunday morning flats

Sunday morning flats


Some people would consider a sinus infection a really bad thing. And spending a Sunday morning in Urgent Care, even worse. But the truth of this, is that I’m looking at my sinusitis as a sign of progress. Glass-half-full, if you may. And I got to read for two hours in my own little room, sa-weet! Finally, the bronchitis has morphed into the inevitable (and treatable with antibiotics) sinus infection, which I come down with about 93.2% of the time I get sick. It pretty much goes without saying – It’s just how my body works.

One more day closer to being healthy, armed with my trusty codeine-laced cough suppressant, hot tea, meds, and puffs plus Kleenix (indeed!).

I really was feeling better towards the end of last week, so much so that on Friday I added a brow wax and hair cut/highlight to my ART therapy apt. Why not? It was a busy day – my ART guru Dad worked on my PITA (Pain-In-The-Ass) gluteus-maximus which responded accordingly and remained annoyingly sore for another day post-appointment, but unclenched slightly. My hope is that my low-grade hamstring tightness will be alleviated with a non-knotted glute. We’ll see when I start back to running – whenever that is.

As for the brow wax – it was more of a maintenance apt. Just because – if I’m going to get my hair done, I might as well have a pair of neatly-groomed eyebrows (2, not 1) to match. I just chalked it up to part of my feeling-better-treatment and held my breath with each swift tug and rip. I didn’t do anything fancy with my hair; every time I see Brien I tell him that I want a few inches trimmed off and the usual layers added back in. Last time he shook his head and replied, “no.” I know he really likes my hair long and we’ve both been growing it out since the horrible bang debacle of 2011. I relented and had him take off less than an inch. This time he responded with, “Are you sure you want to do that?” I nodded my head. He still only took off an inch, but the layers seemed a tad bit shorter.

Best hiking buddy, en route to Red Rock Peak

Best hiking buddy, en route to Red Rock Peak

In other news – I’ve done a big fat ZERO of working out this week, which also means that I get “0” for calories burned on my Spouse Fitness Challenge. The SFC I can deal with, the non-running/hiking itself, ach, that’s a different story. As long as I don’t think about it, it doesn’t bother me. For the most part, I’ve been too tuckered out to do much of anything – but now I’m at that antsy I-hate-being-cooped-up stage. And I have to remind myself that no, the bread rolls that I ate at dinner with my soup will not spontaneously morph onto my ass. I just miss my morning runs along the coastal highway, and my weekend hike with C. In fact, she’s out right now on Rattlesnake Peak – and I would do just about anything to be with her. Oh well. Fingers crossed that the meds kick in soon, and before I know it, I’ll be back to my usual sunny self.

Patience, Grasshopper. It’s always the gazillion dollar question – when to go back to training, and when to lay off. It’s times like these that I’m really happy that I don’t race as seriously as I once did. The world will not end, if I miss another few days of training. And no, my ass will not spontaneously double in size overnight, either.

Enough of that. In happy news –

I pulled the trigger and signed up for the La Jolla Half at the end of April. Hooray!

And, when I was at the doctor’s this morning, N texted me to say that he was going to make Turkey Chili for dinner and get me a special Belgian-style beer to boot, and if that isn’t love – I don’t know what is.

Glass half full, peeps. Somewhere along the lines of 2 eyebrows not 1 , no more PITAs, and a man who cooks healthy chili. It’s where it’s at.

Progress. Even for Shitty Kitty.



One thought on “Progress

  1. Hey girl, well if i can tell you that sitting on my ass or on my back or on my side or clenched in a ball for 4 weeks hasnt made my graham crackers sit on my A$$ maybe that will help? I hear ya and i guess weboth can benefit from knowing that overall health is where its at, even if we dont get to run or ski or do much of anything! And yes to the glute working. I remember when mine started working and i was so sore, and they still get sore but for the most part they have alot more OOMPH and ability to bounce back than those little rubber bands we call Hamstrings:)

    You sure best stay away from home for a bit. Its AMAZINGLY lovely but its really a PIA for anything other than looking out the window:) winter its time to be done!

    Miss you and hope the Chili and Beer are great. We have been trying some new IPAs:)

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