Rainy Weekend Update & Island Fever

This post has been in the works for the past few days, and I’ve sat down to write it at home, at home after rehearsal with a beer, and now during my lunch break. The Chai Tea Latte is delicious and my favorite coffee spot in The Village trumps all, so this works out well. If I don’t finish it now, who knows where I’ll be during the next writing attempt and what I’ll be drinking.

Anyway – so… SoCal got some weather! As this is the driest year on record in a long long time, and the 4th driest year in California since 1850 (according to NPR this morning), the 2 inches of rain that soaked the coast last weekend were in one word, awesome.


Rainy Saturday. And Sunday. We think the Shitty Kitty is half marsupial, because she burrows under covers and blankets. I will occasionally help with fort construction, but don’t tell anyone.

It also means that the mountains got socked with even more weather (’cause stuff is generally exacerbated in the mountains), and the higher elevations saw snow. Generally, C and I don’t mind a little bit of rain (although I am afraid of lightning on high mountain peaks and exposed ridges and generally anytime I’m out)… but this was more than just a little bit of rain. With the threat of mud & rock slides, snow at elevations above 5k, avalanche risks, and even the occasional clap of lightning (which we all know I love) – we pulled the plug on the the scheduled hike to Toro Peak. I cried uncle on Thursday night after watching the local news weather forecast, and she made it clear on Friday that hiking in these conditions was no short of idiotic.

As a result of the storm, the surf was awesome and subsequent swell made for fun times for those brave enough to go out.


Kitsurfing, south of Terramar Beach, Carlsbad, CA

So even though the mountains are calling, we will be smart and wait. Next on tap is Palomar’s High Point and N can join us for his SOTA work. He has already promised to keep us happy with copious amounts of PB Cups while he bounces his radio waves across the US. He had me at PB Cups.

Taking pictures on Friday before heading into a work meeting was fun, and sacrificing my favorite pair of ballet flats was nearly worth it, as I found a new survey marker along the coastal highway. Oh well – new shoes for me. Yay.


A new survey marker – hooray!


From L-R: Coffee shop rain, PCH windsock & pelicans, appropriate Stout, my ruined shoes. They were lovely shoes

On the plus side, not hiking last weekend gives me an extra cushion to recover from the latest bout of bronchitis/sinusitis/general ickiness. I’m still on antibiotics and that’s pretty normal. The two inhalers are an added twist, and while N says he doesn’t mind my DeepSexyVoice (as a result of the corticosteroid in one of the inhalers aggravating my vocal chords and throat), well it’s a small price to pay for better health. I just make lots of tea and continue to push the fluids. And do fun stuff like play around with photoshop.


Kitchen workflow on a rainy Sunday. I think I wore the wrong shoes. But the ginger & lemon tea was delicious.

Last week at work was great and by Thursday I returned to easy easy easy running. After 10 days off from any sort of training, I’m happy to report that my ass did not double in size and that with a few runs under my belt, I’m feeling more like my normal self. Still have the stabbing-quad pain as I get every time I return to running after time off, but even that is gradually fading. Even better? There’s no wheezing and I’m optimistic that this is a short case of bronchitis vis-a-vis a long-down-drag-out-you-will-be-sick-for-months debacle.

And finally – I’ve had a hankering to head back to my Most Favorite Place On Earth – Bainbridge Island, WA. I can’t explain it – it’s just special to me. I’m so fortunate to have good friends who live on the Island, and who have a guest cottage named “Ladybug”. I love Ladybug. I love my friends, Chris and Stan. I love Charlie, the schnauzer. And the fact that Stan makes his own beer and last time I was there I got to help him bottle it – even better. Anyway, I’m really thankful for their hospitality. And with Spring Break happening next week and an uber-cheap last minute flight deal, N was totally on board. I leave later this week for 5 days, and I can hardly wait.


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