Running on Bainbridge Island has been magical.

*  I saw a pair of bald eagles

*  I discovered a new trail! Nute’s Pond was, um, very muddy and pond-y. But it was also a lot of fun.

*  Have seen and heard lots of running water and countless waterfalls.

*  Every morning when I head out, I say, “Good Morning Goats!” to the resident goats across the street. Because when you are greeted by goats, you just have to greet them back.

*  Have marveled on the amount of moss growing on the trees. And mailboxes.

*  Discovered that while Invisible Fences DO indeed work, I will still come close to shitting myself when charged at by a territorial pooch, before catching sight of the very small invisible fence sign.

*  Dodged lots of muddy spots – sometimes successfully.

*  Don’t worry about sunscreen

*  Check to see if the mountains are “out” – they usually aren’t, but Rainier was visible on my first day here.

*  Breathed really hard running up Toe Jam Hill Road

*  Have covered many happy trails and miles.



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