OddfellowsSometimes the road ahead is unclear. As in life, we often can’t see what’s ahead – on some days the visibility is great. Other days, it’s just foggy.


Channel Marker. You can’t see the Bremmerton Ferry – but I heard people’s voices. It was very surreal. And foggy!

For a little while now, N and I have been aware that he may re-deploy; we’ve been looking to the future with a tad bit more of uncertainty, not entirely sure about what’s coming around the next bend.

Last week, we found out that he will.


Bainbridge Island ferry, crossing the Puget Sound

This is part of what it means to be a military family. I don’t have to always like it – but it IS our reality. And I’m not here to discuss politics. It makes me uncomfortable when people try to engage me. I can’t help what is happening in the world and honestly, don’t always care; I can’t do anything about it anyway. I just happen to be madly in love with my husband, who happens to be a Marine. He gets my unconditional love and support – what can I say? He’s just my person.

For some reason – maybe it was just intuition – I felt a pull to travel to Bainbridge Island, Washington. Three days before finding out and getting the word, I ordered my plane tickets, figuring that I just needed to be there. N was 100% on board. Bainbridge Island is just my place. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s happening; I always discover something about myself when I’m there. It also helps to reset My Normal. If anything, it gave me a (brief) chance to get away during work’s spring break – consider our fifth deployment in the larger context of life.

It actually (as my Dad would say) – “wasn’t too bad.”

I did things that I love. Ran and hiked through the forests that I love. Got lost on trails and wasn’t afraid of being eaten by mountain lions (true). Journaled (a lot) and thought about my health. Drank beer at my favorite place, Slippery Pig. And then went to Sound Brewery with Chris, just to make sure that Slippery Pig was still my favorite (it was). Took a lot of pictures. I spent time with friends, who reminded me that I’ve got a lot of awesome people (and animals) in my life. Got the best card ever from my Mom & Dad, who surprised me with a really nice gift that was waiting for me at Ladybug Cottage before I even arrived. Enjoyed the simple things – like a beautiful sunset, the sound of rain, Charlie chasing pinecones, and even a slice of sheet cake (or two). I did things for me; this helped remind me that even though sometimes there are sad things in life – there are also some pretty awesome ones, too.


My favorite trail – Fort Ward to Blakely Harbor. Mountain Lions not included


Slippery Pig!


Coffee on the deck – enjoying a rainy afternoon. And coffee.


Friends – in all shapes and sizes.

And at the end of the day – the fog lifts. We can’t always see clearly, but we know the sun is always there. Life moves forward, and we will too.


Apple Orchard


The card from my parents & Ladybug Cottage.


3 thoughts on “Five

  1. Hi Marit-

    Kinda heartwarming to read your blog, especially this one. I’ve never been to Bainbridge Island, although I have a good friend who lived there for 10 years. My memory of her memories is just what your photos depict. Was sorry to read that Nate will be deploying. Sorry for you too. Will call him soon and find out the details. Love………

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