Bainbridge in Color – and that pre-D brief thingy

I’m planning for this blog to be a few in-color pictures from Bainbridge Island. You know – my most favorite place ever.


Ferns growing out of tree moss. Incredible

Okay – and one B&W – just because I love this medium so much.

But just a quick update – last night we had our pre-deployment brief. This was my 5th one, so I decided to wear my Slippery Pig Brewery shirt… because aside from when I’m drinking beer, I can’t think of a better occasion to wear a beer shirt. Even the CO agreed, when chatting afterwards. He said he was planning on an IPA when he got home; I naturally (and proudly) flashed my shirt, and reported that Farmer Dave, armed with his Squeal Team 6 shirt and utila-kilt, made a killer batch of Rhubarb IPA. The CO laughed.

Other moments from the brief?

The Legal Officer who presented should go into comedy – seriously, after 5 of these things, they can be a bit, er, dry. He made it funny and interesting. Overall, I’m very impressed by how these pre-deployment sessions have changed in the past 10 years that I’ve attended them. War has a high cost on all levels – something we and other military families live on a daily basis; but this fact is not lost on the many programs and individuals who support and help service memebers and their families before, during, and after deployments. Even though I pretty much know what to expect (the unexpected – duh) – I still learned some new information last night.

Two other moments that stuck out:

1) When asked if the spouses had survival kits ready in case of an emergency, I immediately thought of my hiking pack. With 33 essentials, I feel that I’ve got it covered. Add bear spray and a don’t-fuck-with-me attitude and viola.

2) Yes, I know how to change a flat tire. My first flat ever happened with hiking parter C during the last deployment. We were in the middle of Death Valley National Park in August 2012, somewhere around 1500 feet on a remote, bumpy, and apparently rocky dirt road, en route to our 9000 ft campground with the intention of cleaning out Telescope Peak and 4 or 5 other high peaks above 9,000 feet. The temperature was no kidding, 120 degrees. We hit a rock. A light came on. And then we heard the hissing. Without cell phone service and barely any cars in sight, we rolled up our sleeves (literally), pulled out the car instruction manual, spare, jack and lots of grit, and got-er-done. I will never forget that.

This morning I ran 10 miles, just because. I felt good. The PCH was calling. And while I didn’t push the pace, it was nice to let my mind wander. N and I are heading out to the local mountains (Julien area) to hike Volcan and he can do SOTA work. I’ll take pictures, journal, and plan our post-hike imbibery. Because that’s just how we roll.

Okay – and finally – slight insomnia set in. This is normal, given the stress of life. So at 3:50 am – with nothing better to do, and the prospect of tossing and turning just being so unproductive and boring – I got up and worked more on my album from Bainbridge Island. A few photos – because they make me happy.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Friday – love it while you live it!


Lots of little green buds everywhere


Lichens and moss growing on trees – awesome!


The amazing forest of Ft Ward, Bainbridge Island, WA


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