Yesterday I fell while running. Epic face plant, what can I say? It was dark and even though I was wearing my trusty headlamp and was about a mile in on a familiar route, there was a curb that I just didn’t see.


One minute I was up, focusing on hills and good form – thinking about my busy day while enjoying the crescent moon and pre-dawn light (is that Venus? Can we see the other 3/4 of the moon because the sun’s light is bouncing off that planet and reflecting on the moon? Or is the sunlight bending around the moon?Yep – my pre-faceplant thoughts).

The next minute I was on the ground. It was a violent fall, made all the worse by the steep pitch of the hill and my focused-on-running-the-hills-hard pace. At first I thought I was going to pass out – I heard the whoosh! in my ears. I swallowed, and then the nausea hit. I could feel a wave or two move through my system. Lucky for me – I nether blacked out nor threw up. I stood up and took stock of my body – everything hurt from the impact especially my right hand, but nothing seemed broken or squishy. I could see lots of blood on my right hand, and could feel a steady burn on both knees through my tights.

I was afraid to look – so I didn’t. In this case, ignorance was bliss.

My next move was not so smart. I think it’s the athlete in me – the part of me that just doesn’t switch off, that fights – combined with adrenaline from my fall and pure stubbornness; but after a few steps, I kept running. I was angry at my fall. I wanted to believe that everything was okay, would be okay, so if I just kept moving, then it would be true. I would will it. 40 minutes later, I made a beeline for home, though I still had a few miles to cover. One minute I would feel fine, the next totally nauseated and the stress of all the blood and pain was too much. I was lucky – N was running late. He took one look at me and after watching me unsuccessfully try to pull the larger of the gravel bits from my right hand, said that we were heading to the ER. He took the day off from work, for which I was grateful.


Ow ow owowowow. Because the little rocks and gravel were embedded under the skin, they had to scrub layers of skin off in order to remove the rocks. Sorry for posting this – horribly fascinating and awful. And gross. Ick. And Ow.

Long story short, having the gravel “scrubbed” and removed from my hand and knees before the pain and nausea medication kicked in was one of the worst amounts of pain I have ever experienced. Even N looked sick at my alternate teeth clenching and silent open-mouthed scream. There was a bunch of rocks embedded in my hand, and the gouge in my knee looked like someone had taken a dull serrated spoon and scooped out a large chunk of flesh. Being on Coumadin ensured that I bled – a lot. But my nurse was a trooper and very detail oriented. My x-ray indicated that nothing was broken, although I did sprain my wrist and/or thumb; the super cool soft cast will help.

To cheer me up while waiting to get final wound instructions and check out, N showed me clips from “Bridesmaids” – specifically when Megan talks about her fall off a cruise ship.

Yeah, oh shit! Yeah, oh shit! Took a hard, hard violent fall. Kinda pinballed down. Hit a lot of railings. Broke a lotta shit. I didn’t…I’m not gonna say I survived. I say I thrived. I met a dolphin down there. And I swear to God, that dolphin looked not at me, but into my soul. Into my Goddamn soul, Annie. And said: I’m saving you Megan. Not with his mouth, but he said it, I’m assuming telepathically.

It made me laugh.

Later when we got home, N was awesome. Between washing my hair in the sink for me, changing the bed sheets, doing laundry, picking up medications, feeding me PB cups, and making dinner – it made me think I should take violent falls more often. Kidding – sort of.

I’m not sure how long my recovery will be. I’m already feeling better today, although sleep was hard as every bit of road rash felt like it was on fire. Pain meds help a little bit, but the throb never goes away. I’m stiff from the impact, but am hoping to bounce back quickly. Changing the gauze is still a little nauseating and I think it’s just going to take a while with the oozing and everything, especially for my knees. Fuck.

But it is what it is – I can’t go back and change it. Shit happens. Oh – and my phone was destroyed. I’ve had it for almost 4 years and as I’m too cheap to replace it until I really really need to replace it – well, now is that time. Lucky for me, the apple store is adjacent to Anthropolgie and REI. So perhaps there is a silver lining. Or maybe light bending around something.


My knees - left is worse than right…it always happens this way with my DVT leg.

My knees – right is worse than left …it always happens this way with my DVT leg.




7 thoughts on “ker-SPLAT

  1. Oh! I did this sorta FACE PLANT when i was in Tucson visiting Rich’s mom. in Broad daylight! Luckily i landed elbow first but my knees were a mess. I am glad I didntgo to the ER but i know i ruined a few or her towels. You will be better soon I am sure:) But ouchie.

  2. Glad you are okay! I haven’t face planted in a while so it’s just a matter of time I am sure. I probably just jinxed myself by typing that. Your pre-kersplat thoughts are way more intelligent than my running thoughts which generally tend to gravitate towards wondering while all garbage trucks smell the same when the composition of the garbage in them is likely entirely different. I’m sure I could google that and find out about some common mold or bacteria but then what would I ponder while I ran?

  3. Great blog. I can only tell you there are no “Ker-Splats” in the pool. I’m still swimming hard – did a 22:30 mile in a 25 yard pool this past Monday. Still making up my own workouts, but I’ll never forget our sprints together – what was it – “last one?” Hope you are doing well……

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