Post-Kersplatting Update

It’s been a few days since the Kersplatt heard around the world. Saturday’s follow-up doctor’s visit went about as well as can be expected; the road rash wounds were the big concern and my doc wanted to make sure they were healing okay. I was also concerned about how painful my joints were and continued to be post-impact… my doctor laughed and said – “You hit the ground HARD, you’re really really bruised – and you’ve got hardly any skin or tissue on the knee to pad the impact. Of COURSE it’s going to hurt!”

The House Monster & Shitty Kitty kept me company and N drove me to my appointments. The new phone and camera was fun to take pictures with along the coastal highway.

The House Monster & Shitty Kitty kept me company and N drove me to my appointments. The new phone and camera was fun to take pictures with along the coastal highway.

He then made a slapping sound on his knee with his palm. I cringed.

Thankfully with a strong round of antibiotics, plenty of Neosporin, and a good method of changing out the gauze – I should heal quick. I haven’t started running or doing anything crazy like that, so I don’t know what to expect…. but thus far, I feel pretty darn-toot’n lucky about the entire affair. I can even play the violin okay – my bowing arm with my sprained thumb/wrist was fine (if not a little stiff) during last night’s LJSO rehearsal, so I take that as an awesome thing. As for the running – my doc said to wait 1-2 weeks before I start anything with impact, but that walking and biking (indoors on the trainer going s-l-o-w) is okay. And as anything involving impact makes me cringe slightly (still), I’ll wait and see how I feel about that running thing over the next week.

For now – I’ll stick to walking or safe stuff so that when I do inevitably trip on myself, I don’t re-Kersplatt. Sounds good.

So last weekend I pulled the plug on my hike with C – it was supposed to be a quick 14-miler, but with something like 5500 feet of elevation gain and loss to Ross Peak via Baden-Powell. Basically – we were going to hike for a few hours on the north end of Los Angeles, off the Angeles Crest Highway. Honestly – going uphill doesn’t phase me… it’s the cumulation of 5500 feet of descending that had my toes curling. I’m hoping to head out with her next weekend. And I can’t wait! Life is just better when I get to hike with C. April_blog_5 copy

Instead on Sunday, N and I drove out to Mt Laguna’s Big Meadow and Sunset Trail, just off the Sunrise Highway (S1). This is a route that we’ve been walking/hiking (Sunday it was more “walking”) since March of 2010. We know the routes, are familiar with the terrain – it’s sort of like seeing an old friend again after a long time away. It was the last hike that we did together before he redeployed in July of 2012, and I suspect that we’ll visit again before too long. Post-hike we normally head to Alpine Beer Company, although last weekend we did our own thing with a dinner-and-cable-tv-date at home.

April_blog_2 copy

Mt Laguna and The Big Meadow sit between 5k-6k in elevation. Mountain Lion prints – even the old ones – keep us on our toes.

Nothing fancy – just having a home date with My Person.

Sometimes those are the best.






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