Photo editing makes me happy – after discussing political issues in bed. At 6:15 am. Ugh.

I woke up this morning with my road rash on fire. And then N and I started talking politics and politically charged issues in bed – which just made me angry. There are some things that we just don’t see eye-to-eye on. This is very normal for all couples. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of politics; however, issues of health care and birth control (perhaps because they are both issues that personally affect me) are debates that I will occasionally engage in. Though discussions like this often leave me disgruntled and ornery.

It’s like really?  You f*ing believe that ??

I don’t know weather to hit you or just walk away. And it’s not even 6:30 am – I was in pain and now I’m cranky.

So I excused myself from the bedroom, got myself a second cup of coffee and decided to edit photos. Because sometimes that’s just what you need to do. And in this process – I found some things that made me happy. So – in no particular order:

Happy stuff - my favorite coffee creamer that N got the other day, most excellent card from my parents, and the House Monsters!

Happy stuff – my favorite coffee creamer that N got the other day at 6:30 (okay – we don’t always agree on politics, but any man who will go to the store and buys coffee mate at 6:30 in spite of my protests, is a keeper; a most excellent card from my parents (I love my parents!), and the House Monsters (I love my House Monsters)!


My training week consisted of riding my trainer, long walks on the coastal highway, and more trainer riding. Bandage off the knee during a ride = progress.


On my walk the other day – this was my view. As my Dad would say, “It’s not that bad.” – in his very understated Norwegian manner.

N and I are getting ready to hike. I already feel better and I think we’ll avoid the political talk. I do love him after all, and it promises to be a nice day. Tomorrow, C and I are heading to one of the peaks in the Angeles National Forest – I can’t wait for that. Combine a few get-togethers with friends tonight, and it’s stacking up to be a busy weekend – just how I like it. I’ll pull the trigger on running if the legs feel good, starting Monday. I’m itchy to run – but am petrified of injury or damage. The contusions are gradually going away and every day I feel exponentially better. Running around during a photoshoot on Thursday night totally pain-free, while squatting and crouching in various not-exactly-normal positions was a good sign. And yesterday I ran (thundered) up a flight of stairs – it was awesome. So if all goes well, I won’t “hit” the pavement, but I’ll hit the pavement Monday morning – running.

Yep, another reason to feel good. That, and and no politics in bed discussions. And Neosporin.

Happy Saturday!


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