Um, where did April go…? And other musings.

Good morning Big Bear!

It’s been a little quiet over here lately.

<< cricket cricket cricket >>

But life has been moving forward and I’m taking whatever is tossed my way bit by bit. There’s the good stuff – like symphony, and fun with my job at the college, time with N and friends, and of course running & hiking (those are almost always on the list of good stuff). But there’s other good stuff too – cuddling with the House Monsters, writing in my journal, my favorite extra hot Chai Tea Latte from a local cafe, a Peanut Butter egg left under my pillow (now who could have done THAT?), a fireplace date with a bottle of oak-y Chardonnay and my handsome husband, a 1000-piece puzzle completed. In some ways life is just humming along.


1000 Pieces. Lots of wine. Good times.

Of course, with the good – there’s the er, unplanned, unexpected, and sometimes downright shit. The yang to the yin – or something like that. We’re still getting ready for N’s deployment and all the ups and downs that go with this. Luckily we’ve gone through it four times already, so we pretty much know what to expect. It doesn’t hurt any less, though, and there are always variables beyond our control that affect us. Sometimes my heart just hurts, regardless of the terrain.


Final uphill to Stonewall Peak (5730′), San Diego Co.

Transitioning to more yang and the girly medical stuff (so, to quote Megan in Bridesmaids, “Look away!”) – a few weeks ago, my copper IUD decided to expel itself from my body, making me one of the 3% of women whose bodies reject this form of birth control. What had felt like a massive cramp for a month with random bleeding was actually the IUD being partially embedded in my uterus. Fuck. This is complicated because 1) who wants an IUD floating around down there? (okay okay – it’s super serious.) and 2) I take Coumadin and bleed a lot. It’s always a bit disconcerting seeing doctors jump into action without understanding why they are suddenly jumping into action. It wasn’t just the fear of not understanding what was going on and being afraid, but also the sudden realization that I had no choice about what was happening to my body, no control whatsoever. I cried while the doc explained what had just occurred – partially out of relief, but also because I was scared. I’m fine now – happy to be okay, but frustrated at my lack of BC options. With my blood clotting disorder, hormonal BC is just off the table. And even if my doctors okayed another copper IUD (which they have not and will not) – I really do not like the idea of an IUD after what just happened. So, we’re considering our options and taking a step back from making any decisions.

As you can imagine, this isn’t stressful at all. Especially while preparing for another deployment. Not one bit.

Sometimes it feels like you just have to take a moment. Pause. Evaluate. And then do something that makes you happy –


Cyamaca Peak (6512′), San Diego Co.

Natural transition back to the yin…

So this in part explains my running and hiking – the world always seems better when I’ve been on the trails. C and I have our schedule and routine – I love hiking with her. She’s a great friend, trusty companion, and we get to explore the most awesome places. Plus, with our mutual love of PB cups/eggs and Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi – we’ve got a great post-hike routine. She’s running her first marathon this weekend, and I’m super proud – it’s been neat to see her go through the training process and she’s ready! YEAH!


On the trail from Chantry Flats to Mt Wilson (5710′), San Gabriel Mountains.

N and I have been hitting the trails as well – last weekend it was a whirlwind 3-day car camping & hiking trip. Friday and the first part of Saturday were spent in the Big Bear area. I ran at elevation, N drank his breakfast and with foil dinners, campfires, endless hiking trails, we really enjoyed the time together. Onyx at just below 10K feet was a first for the both of us, but we re-climbed a few peaks that we’ve done in the past. Saturday afternoon we headed 2 hours west to the Angeles National Forest and quickly hiked Williamson Peak before the sunset. It was beautiful.


(L-R) Descending Mt Williamson (8214′) on the Pacific Crest Trail, Williamson summit looking east, 2 excellent selections, my favorite jump, N drinking his breakfast in Big Bear.


“You’re really drinking a beer?” “Yes.” “Can I have a sip?” We love car camping.

Camping in the ANF was fun and we were mostly ready for Sunday’s hike with the Sierra Club that C was co-leading. Pleasant View Ridge ended up being a tough slog and after one particularly nasty climb, N commented that his one mistake was the lack of breakfast beer. But it ended up being a Summits On The Air peak for him (Pallett Benchmark) and he made quick use of his handheld radio, bringing his weekend total to 48 points. I’m going to miss stuff like this when he’s deployed.


And finally – C isn’t the only one racing this weekend. A few months ago, I signed up for the La Jolla Half. No idea of what the heck will happen – but this Sunday morning, I’ll get to take a stroll down the SoCal coast. If that isn’t awesome, then I don’t know what is.

One more picture – just because. Have a great weekend everyone!


Angeles National Forest sunset, somewhere along the Pacific Crest Trail.



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